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   Title: Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal
   Year: 1995
   Category: Comics   
   Author: Adam Warren   
   Publisher: Dark Horse   
Mega-Tokyo, 2031. The Great Kanto earthquake six years earlier has left scars the city won't soon forget. Even as its glorious Genom tower rises higher with repairs, in its shadow creeps a new wave of crime, a sign that beneath the growing prosperity and recovery is an undercurrent of discontent . . . a world on the brink of exploding. And if the Armored Defense Police can't prevent the bubble from bursting, then the four-woman vigilante unit known as Knight Sabers will suit up for action!
   Title: Terminator Hunters And Killers
   Year: 1992
   Category: Comics Series   
   Series: The Terminator Graphic Novels
   Author: Toren Smith   Adam Warren   Chris Warner   Bill Jaaska   
   Publisher: Dark Horse Comics   
Collects Terminator: Hunters and Killers (1992) #1-3
Found 2 entries
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