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Acid  8
Ambient  26
Big Beat  6
Breakbeat  9
Chillwave  6
Coldwave  1
Cybergoth  2
Cyberpunk  5
Darkwave  3
Digital Hardcore  4
Downtempo  6
Dreamwave  3
Drum And Bass  19
Dub  8
Dubstep  3
EBM  16
EDM  1
Electro-Industrial  11
Electronica  46
Electropop  2
Electropunk  2
Experimental  10
Futurepop  3
Garage  5
Glitch  4
Hardcore  7
Hip Hop  3
House  16
IDM  13
Indie  3
Industrial  41
Jungle  4
Lo-Fi  2
Metal  22
Minimal  1
New Wave  8
Post Punk  7
Psybient  1
Psytrance  1
Punk  18
Rock  18
Synthpop  25
Synthwave  18
Tech-House  2
Techno  30
Technopop  1
Trance  5
Trip Hop  12
Vaporwave  2

Cyberpunk Music

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   Artist: A Split-Second
   Genre: EBM   
A Split-Second is a Belgian electronic body music band. The duo — Marc Heyndrickx and Peter Bonne (under the artist name Chrismar Chayell)—were active from their debut in 1986 until they split up in 1991, and A Split-Second continued as a Heyndrickx solo project. They went on hiatus after a Swedish tour in 1994, and returned to the live scene in 2004. Since 2009, they have been playing live regularly.
   Artist: Access To Arasaka
   Genre: Electronica   Glitch   Ambient   
Taking his name from the “Cyberpunk 2020″ off-shoot card game “Netrunner”, the Rochester, NY producer’s cyberpunk influences are evident as he skillfully paints each sonic soundscape with expert precision and meticulous attention to detail. The artist describes his music as “a mixture of every influence I’ve ever had, past and present. As the general idea of this project is a way to describe the future I anticipate, the sounds and styles themselves are an homage to every song that has already taken me there.”
   Artist: Amon Tobin
   Genre: Electronica   Trip Hop   Breakbeat   IDM   Drum And Bass   
Amon Adonai Santos de Araújo Tobin (born February 7, 1972), known as Amon Tobin, is a Brazilian musician, composer and producer of electronic music. He is described as a virtuoso sound designer and is considered to be one of the most influential electronic music artists in the world. He is noted for his unusual methodology in sound design and music production. He has released seven major studio albums under the London-based Ninja Tune record label.
   Artist: Android Lust
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   Ambient   
Begun in 1995, Android Lust is the musical project of Shikhee, a fiercely independent woman born in Bangladesh, schooled in England and the USA, and now living near New York City. Shikhee is involved in all aspects of her musical production, a rarity in Industrial music where most women seem to be limited to singing swoopily over other peoples' music. The result is some of the most compelling and challenging Industrial music these days.
   Artist: Angelspit
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   Electropunk   Cybergoth   
Angelspit is an electronic music band originally from Sydney, Australia and currently based in the United States. The band was formed in 2004 by vocalists/synthesists Destroyx (Amelia Tan) and ZooG (Karl Learmont). The band's music combines unique and stylistic elements of horror, punk and electronic music as well as pop and their work contains imagery revolving around medical experiments and grotesque societies.
   Artist: Anthony Rother
   Genre: Electro   
Anthony Rother made his name on the German electro scene with two releases: “Sex with the Machines” (1997) and “Simulationszeitalter” (2000). The producer from Offenbach, Germany, founded his own record label “Psi49Net” in 1998, before establishing himself on the international electro music scene with the electro pop project “Little Computer People” (2001), the album “Hacker” (2002) and more.
   Artist: Aphex Twin
   Genre: Electronica   Techno   IDM   Ambient   
Richard David James (born 18 August 1971), best known by his alias Aphex Twin, is an Irish born British electronic musician and composer based in London. He is best known for his influential and idiosyncratic work in electronic music styles such as IDM and ambient techno in the 1990s, for which he won widespread critical acclaim. He is also the co-founder of Rephlex Records with Grant Wilson-Claridge.
   Artist: Aphrodite
   Genre: Drum And Bass   Jungle   Breakbeat   
Aphrodite (born Gavin King) also known as A Zone or DJ Aphro, is a UK jungle and drum and bass DJ/producer on the Urban Takeover label. One of the oldest drum and bass producers, he largely contributed to and influenced the genre's current styles and techniques. He was born and raised in Aberystwyth, and moved to London with his family as a toddler. He studied computer science.
   Artist: Architect
   Genre: EBM   Drum And Bass   Ambient   
Architect is a hybrid of minimalistic drum'n'bass and smooth ambient soundscapes explored by the electronic mastermind, Daniel Myer. (Haujobb)
   Artist: Atari Teenage Riot
   Genre: Digital Hardcore   Hardcore Techno   Drum And Bass   Industrial Metal   
Atari Teenage Riot (abbreviated ATR) is a German digital hardcore group formed in Berlin in 1992. The name was taken from a Portuguese Joe song entitled "Teenage Riot" from the album "Teen-age Riot", with the word 'Atari' added as an Atari ST computer was used to create compositions. Highly political, they fused anarchist, anti-fascist and anti-Nazi views with punk vocals and the newly emerging techno sound called digital hardcore, which is a term band member Alec Empire used as the name of his record label.
   Artist: Autechre
   Genre: Electronica   IDM   Techno   Ambient   Glitch   
Autechre are an English electronic music duo consisting of Rob Brown and Sean Booth, both from Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Formed in 1987, they are one of the most prominent acts signed to Warp Records, a label known for its pioneering electronic music and through which all Autechre albums have been released.
   Artist: Bad Loop
   Genre: IDM   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Basement Jaxx
   Genre: House   Electronica   UK Garage   Big Beat   
Basement Jaxx is an English electronic music duo consisting of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe. The pair got their name from the regular night club they held in their hometown of Brixton, London, UK.
   Artist: Berlin
   Genre: New Wave   Synthpop   
New Wave act from Orange County, California. Founded in 1979 by John Crawford, Jo Julian and Terri Nunn.
   Artist: Big Bud
   Genre: Drum And Bass   Downtempo   House   
DJ, producer and label owner of Sound Trax.
   Artist: Biosphere
   Genre: Ambient   
Biosphere is the main recording name of Geir Jenssen (born 1962), a Norwegian (now he lives in Poland) musician who has released a notable catalogue of ambient electronic music. He is well known for his "ambient techno" and "arctic ambient" styles, his use of music loops, and peculiar samples from sci-fi sources. His track "Novelty Waves" was used for the 1995 campaign of Levi's. His 1997 album Substrata was voted by www.hyperreal.org as one of the all time classic ambient albums.
   Artist: Boards Of Canada
   Genre: Electronica   IDM   Ambient   Downtempo   
Boards of Canada (commonly abbreviated BoC) are a Scottish electronic music duo consisting of brothers Michael Sandison (born 1 June 1970) and Marcus Eoin (born Marcus Eoin Sandison, 21 July 1971).
   Artist: Brian Eno
   Genre: Ambient   
Brian Eno is an electronic musician and producer. Also known for his multifaceted interests outside of music, especially technological. He was born 15 May 1948 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK.
   Artist: BUCK-TICK
   Genre: Gothic Rock   Darkwave   Industrial Rock   Electronic Rock   Punk Rock   
Buck-Tick originally formed in 1984 as a cover band called Hinan Go-Go, which featured Hisashi Imai and Hidehiko Hoshino on guitars, Yutaka Higuchi on bass, Atsushi Sakurai on drums, and a man named Araki on vocals. A year later, Araki left the band, Atsushi abandoned the drums to become the group's new singer, Toll Yagami (Yutaka's brother) became the new drummer, and Hinan Go-Go was renamed Buck-Tick (pronounced "Baku-Chiku", meaning firecracker). Buck-Tick's lineup has not changed from 1985 to the present day.
   Artist: Burial
   Genre: Dubstep   UK Garage   Future Garage   Jungle   
William Emmanuel Bevan, better known by his stage name Burial, is an electronic recording artist from London. His music contains elements of future garage, dubstep, 2-step garage, ambient and jungle music. His eponymous debut album was released in 2006 to critical acclaim. The Wire magazine named it their album of the year, along with achieving fifth place in the Mixmag 2006 Album of the Year list, and eighteenth in the best of the year list of The Observer Music Monthly supplement. Burial's second album, Untrue, was also released to critical acclaim and was the second-highest rated album of 2007, according to the review-collating website, Metacritic. In recent years Burial has released a series of acclaimed long-form EPs.
   Artist: C1PH3R
   Genre: Ambient   Dreamwave   
C1PH3R is an experimental ambient electronic artist who creates music dark desolate dream-like rhythms who frequently collaborates with cinematographer Nick Plourde to give dream-like audio-visual experiences.
   Artist: Cabaret Voltaire
   Genre: Industrial   Experimental   Post Punk   Electronica   New Wave   Acid House   Synthpop   Techno   
Cabaret Voltaire are an English music group formed in Sheffield in 1973 and initially composed of Stephen Mallinder, Richard H. Kirk, and Chris Watson The group was named after Cabaret Voltaire, a nightclub in Zürich, Switzerland that served as a centre for the early Dada movement.
   Artist: Carl Cox
   Genre: Techno   House   Tech-House   
Carl Cox (born 29 July 1962, Barbados) is a British house, techno, DJ and producer. In the 1980s Cox was a hardcore/rave DJ, and eventually became a mainstay DJ in the electronica industry.
   Artist: Chemlab
   Genre: Industrial Rock   Coldwave   
American industrial rock band founded in 1989 in Washington D.C. and disbanded in 2012.
   Artist: Clock DVA
   Genre: EBM   Cyberpunk   Post Punk   Industrial   
Clock DVA are an industrial, post-punk and EBM group from Sheffield, England. The group was formed in 1978 by Adolphus "Adi" Newton and Steven "Judd" Turner. Along with contemporaries Heaven 17, Clock DVA's name was inspired by the Russian-influenced Nadsat of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange; Dva is the Russian word for "two".
   Artist: Clubroot
   Genre: Future Garage   UK Garage   Dubstep   
Clubroot (born Dan Richmond, in 1985) is a dubstep musician located in St Albans, England. Signed to Lo Dubs, he released his eponymous debut album in 2009. The second album, II – MMX, was released in 2010. His music is often compared by similarity of deep, dark electronic sound with Burial.
   Artist: Coil
   Genre: Experimental   Industrial   Electronica   Ambient   
Formed in London in 1983 by John Balance as a solo side project to Psychic TV, Coil developed into a full-scale musical group in 1984, when Balance cemented a partnership with Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson. Christopherson had been a founder of Psychic TV and member of Throbbing Gristle. For over twenty years Coil would be at the forefront of European experimentalism and electronic music.
   Artist: Com Truise
   Genre: Electronica   Synthwave   Chillwave   Synthpop   
Com Truise is the stage name of Seth Haley, an American electronic/​synthwave musician originally from Oneida, New York, and later, Princeton, New Jersey. The name is a spoonerism of Tom Cruise. Originally an art director, he turned in his resignation prior to his first release as Com Truise. Before that, Haley was a drum and bass DJ until he began to use the '80s style that he is known for today.
   Artist: Combichrist
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   EBM   
Combichrist was originally a side-project by Andy LaPlegua of the popular futurepop band Icon Of Coil. However, since the disbandment of Icon Of Coil, Combichrist has become Andy's main focus. Combichrist has had much more success than many of the other acts emerging from the electronic underground and the band has become one of the dark electro scene's most popular live acts.
   Artist: Controlled Bleeding
   Genre: Industrial   Experimental   Ambient   Post Punk   Industrial Rock   Dub   
Controlled Bleeding is a prolific experimental music group based in Massapequa, New York. The group was founded by Paul Lemos, the group's only consistent member. Most of Controlled Bleeding's released recordings feature two main collaborators, Chris Moriarty and vocalist Joe Papa, who both died in the late 2000s.
   Artist: Cosmo Cocktail
   Genre: Electro   Synthwave   Dreamwave   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Covenant
   Genre: Electro   Synthpop   EBM   Industrial   
Covenant is an electronic band formed in 1986 in Helsingborg, Sweden. The band is currently composed of Eskil Simonsson and Joakim Montelius (born 22 August 1969) alongside touring members Andreas Catjar and Daniel Jonasson from Dupont. Their music comprises a mixture between synthpop and electronic body music. They have been releasing music since the early 1990s.
   Artist: Cyberaktif
   Genre: Acid   
Cyberaktif was a one-off collaboration between Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly, and cEvin Key and Dwayne R. Goettel of Skinny Puppy. Blixa Bargeld from Einstürzende Neubauten guested on the tracks “Paradiessiets” and “Meltdown”. During the heyday of Wax Trax! Records during the early 90’s many fans wrote in saying how good it would be to see what would have happened to Skinny Puppy if Bill had stayed in the band. Wax Trax paid for the whole project; they paid Leeb, Goettel and Key and gave them use of their studios to produce the album “Tenebrae Vision” and its two singles “Nothing Stays” and “Temper” (all 1990). Bill went under his Skinny Puppy pseudonym Wilhelm Schroeder. There were no plans for any more albums, and this became even less likely after the death of Dwayne Goettel in 1995.
   Artist: Cyberpunkers
   Genre: Electropunk   Experimental   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Cybotron
   Genre: Electro   Techno   
Cybotron was a pioneering and influential American techno group formed in 1980 by Juan Atkins and Richard "3070" Davis in Detroit. Guitarist John "Jon 5" Housley joined soon afterward. Cybotron had a number of singles now considered classics of the electro genre, particularly "Clear" and the group's debut, "Alleys Of Your Mind", as well as "Cosmic Cars" and "R-9".
   Artist: Daft Punk
   Genre: Electronica   
Daft Punk is a French electronic music group. The two members are Thomas Bangalter (born January 3, 1975) and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (born February 8, 1974). Bangalter and de Homem-Christo were previously in the rock band Darlin' with Laurent Brancowitz. After Brancowitz left the group to join his brother's band, Phoenix, the remaining duo formed Daft Punk.
   Artist: Deltron 3030
   Genre: Hip Hop   
Deltron 3030 is an alternative hip hop supergroup composed of producer Dan the Automator, rapper Del the Funky Homosapien (known as Deltron Osiris/Deltron Zero for the album), and DJ Kid Koala. They also collaborate with a variety of other musicians under many futuristic pseudonyms.
   Artist: Derrick May
   Genre: Techno   
Derrick May (born April 6, 1963), also known as Mayday and Rhythim is Rhythim, is one of the pioneering electronic musicians from Belleville, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, in the United States. May is credited with developing the futuristic variation of house music that would be dubbed "techno" by Atkins. Derrick May is the Innovator of Detroit Electronic Music, also known as High Tech Soul.
   Artist: Deus Ex Machina
   Genre: Death Metal   Trash Metal   Progressive Metal   
Deus Ex Machina is a Singaporean death metal/thrash metal band, and is one of the few extreme metal acts from Southeast Asia that has gained a following in Europe and the United States. They represent a rarity in the Southeast Asian Metal scenes in favouring a more melodic musical approach and concept-based poetic lyrics in contrast to the more aggressive and brutal stylings of the region. They are also a highly internationalized band, with a background of having band members from different parts of the world.
   Artist: Diamondstein
   Genre: N/A
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Die Krupps
   Genre: EBM   Industrial Metal   
Die Krupps' sound developed and changed drastically over time; through noise, EBM and industrial, eventually (mid-1990s) introducing a metal sound revealing the influence of Metallica on the band, and they even recorded covers of Metallica songs.
   Artist: Digitl
   Genre: Synthwave   Electronica   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Dope Stars Inc
   Genre: Industrial Rock   Industrial Metal   Cyberpunk Rock   EBM   
Dope Stars Inc. is an alternative and industrial rock band from Rome, Italy formed in 2003. The band was founded by Victor Love, Darin Yevonde, Grace Khold and Brian Wolfram.
   Artist: Download
   Genre: Experimental   Glitch   Drum And Bass   Ambient   
Download grew out of a series of unstructured jams performed by Cevin Key and Dwayne Goettel with various collaborators. Initially existing as something of a supergroup with many members and guest collaborators, Download's line-up shrank to Key, Phil Western, and Anthony Valcic by 1997's "III", and then to just Key and Western for all subsequent studio albums.
   Artist: Dron
   Genre: IDM   Glitch   Electronica   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Electric Dreams
   Genre: Electronica   Vaporwave   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Electric Youth
   Genre: Synthpop   Synthwave   
Electric Youth is a Canadian synthpop duo from Toronto, Ontario. The duo consists of Bronwyn Griffin (vocals, songwriter) and Austin Garrick (producer, songwriter, synthesizer, drums).
   Artist: Electrosoul System
   Genre: Drum And Bass   
Soulful Drum & Bass DJ / Producer from Moscow, Russia.
   Artist: Ellen Allien
   Genre: Techno   Tech-House   IDM   
Ellen Allien (born in Berlin as Ellen Fraatz) is a German electronic musician, music producer, and the founder of BPitch Control music label. Her album Stadtkind was dedicated to the city of Berlin, and she cites the culture of reunified Berlin as one of the main inspirations for her music. She sings in both German and English. Her music is best described as a blend of IDM and Techno music, which is dance-floor oriented and has noticeable experimental elements. She currently lives in Berlin.
   Artist: Emmanuel Top
   Genre: Acid Techno   Trance   
Emmanuel Top is a French acid techno music producer. He was popular in the 1990s for his releases on his own record label, Attack Records.
   Artist: Euphorbia
   Genre: EBM   Dark Electro   Electro-Industrial   
Euphorbia is a Brazilian music group formed in 2005 and originally from Porto Alegre, Brazil. The band is one of the Dark electro pioneers in Brazil. Their music is in the electro-industrial genre. Their name originates from the Einstürzende Neubauten song Blume.
   Artist: Fatboy Slim
   Genre: Big Beat   Electronica   Acid House   Trip Hop   
Norman Quentin Cook (born Quentin Leo Cook on 31 July 1963), also known by his stage name Fatboy Slim, is an English DJ, musician and record producer/mixer. Not simply a DJ, Norman Cook has surpassed this role as a producer whilst using one of many aliases; the chief one being Fatboy Slim. Many UK DJ's have managed to crossover to a large extent in the US and beyond, however Norman Cook, under alias Fatboy Slim, has done much more than this. Rather than being a faceless behind the decks head-down DJ, Norman's exuberant character whilst performing on the decks simply takes any audience with him regardless of the country or culture he is playing to.
   Artist: Fear Factory
   Genre: Industrial Metal   Trash Metal   Groove Metal   Death Metal   
Fear Factory were formed in 1989 in Los Angeles by Dino Cazares (guitar), Raymond Herrera (drums), Burton C. Bell (vocals) and later Christian Olde Wolbers (bass) under the name Ulceration before switching in 1990 to their current moniker.
   Artist: Filmy Ghost
   Genre: Cyberpunk   Ambient   Experimental   Industrial   
Filmy Ghost is a experimental noise, ghostly computer music project from Rancagua, Chile. Created by Sábila Orbe.
   Artist: Four Tet
   Genre: Electronica   IDM   Trip Hop   Post Rock   
Kieran Hebden (born 1978), best known by the stage name Four Tet, is an English post-rock and electronic musician. Hebden first came to prominence as a member of the band Fridge before establishing himself as a solo artist. Hebden's music originally eschewed the traditional pop song format in favour of a more abstract approach—his sound and melodies incorporate elements of hip hop, electronica, techno, jazz, grime and folk music with live instrumentation. His newer works are inspired heavily by house music.
   Artist: Front 242
   Genre: EBM   Industrial   Electronica   Techno   
Front 242 is a Belgian electronic music group that came into prominence during the 1980s. Pioneering the style they called electronic body music, they were a profound influence on the electronic and industrial music genres.
   Artist: Front Line Assembly
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   EBM   Industrial Metal   
Front Line Assembly (FLA) is a Canadian electro-industrial band formed by Bill Leeb in 1986 after leaving Skinny Puppy. Influenced by early electronic and (post-)industrial acts such as Cabaret Voltaire, Portion Control, D.A.F., Test Dept, SPK, and Severed Heads, FLA has developed its own unique sound while combining elements of electronic body music (EBM). The band's membership has rotated through several members over the years, including Rhys Fulber and Michael Balch who are both associated with several other successful artists.
   Artist: Future Sound Of London
   Genre: Ambient   Acid House   Acid Techno   
British duo who met in the 1980s in Manchester. Their very influential discography shows off influences spanning acid house, hardcore techno, ambient, krautrock, '60s psychedelica, and more.
   Artist: Futurecop!
   Genre: Synthwave   Synthpop   Electronica   
Futurecop! are British electronic and synthwave artists, influenced by nostalgia and fantasy. Futurecop! consists of Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol.
   Artist: Global Communication
   Genre: Ambient   Industrial   Electronica   House   Downtempo   
Global Communication is an electronic music act, comprising Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. Their first LP, 76:14, is an acclaimed album from the ambient and 1990s electronic music genres. Beyond their work as Global Communication, they have also recorded as Jedi Knights, Secret Ingredients, The Chameleon, Link & E621, and Reload; have done remixes for various artists under each of their aliases, including a 1993 Reload remix of "On" by Aphex Twin and a 1997 Jedi Knights remix of "Home" by Depeche Mode. They founded the Evolution Records and Universal Language Productions labels.
   Artist: Goldfrapp
   Genre: Leftfield   Electroclash   Synthpop   
English electronic music duo, formed in 1999 in London. The duo consists of Alison Goldfrapp (vocals, synthesizer) and Will Gregory (synthesizer).
   Artist: Goldie
   Genre: Drum And Bass   Jungle   Breakbeat   
Clifford Joseph Price, MBE (born 19 September 1965), better known as Goldie, is a English musician, DJ, visual artist and actor from Walsall, England. He is well known for his innovations in the 1990s UK rave scene, including musical styles such as jungle and drum and bass. He had previously gained exposure for his work as a graffiti artist.
   Artist: Grendel
   Genre: EBM   Dark Electro   Electro-Industrial   Hardcore Techno   
Grendel is a Dutch music group formed in 1997. Their music is in the electro-industrial genre. Their name originates from the beast in Beowulf. Not to be confused with the Finnish power metal band or Australian heavy metal band of the same name.
   Artist: Grooverider
   Genre: Electronica   Drum And Bass   
Grooverider began his DJing at illegal raves and warehouse parties in the UK in the late 1980s, and rose to prominence with partner Fabio through his sets at nightclub nights such as 'Rage'. Grooverider was also on the London pirate radio station, Phase One, in the mid 1980s. The station also featured Colin Dale, Dave Angel,RD aka Dj Dodge, Booker T and Fabio. He originally played soul, hip hop and disco but later played house, upon being converted whilst hearing "Mysteries of Love" by Mr. Fingers.
   Artist: Haujobb
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   Ambient   Techno   
Haujobb is a German electronic musical project whose output has ranged drastically within the electronic music spectrum, from electro-industrial to ambient and techno. They have become a staple crossover act, bringing several forms of electro into the mainstream industrial music world.
   Artist: Headscan
   Genre: Trance   Electro-Industrial   
The Canadian Montreal-based duo Headscan fuses futuristic dancefloor music with dark cinematographic soundscapes, meshing these elements into a smooth, hypnotic sound. The group combines the best elements of trance and electro-industrial resulting in a sound that is fresh and exciting, while holding true to its predecessors in electronic music.
   Artist: HKE
   Genre: Vaporwave   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Icon Of Coil
   Genre: Cybergoth   Futurepop   EBM   
Icon of Coil is a Norwegian electronic music band. The band was established as a solo project in 1997 by Andy LaPlegua who was joined by former Sector 9 (now Moonitor and Zombie Girl) bandmate Sebastian Komor to perform live. With the release of Shallow Nation, the band's first single, Komor joined full-time. In 2000, Christian Lund joined the live lineup. Later that year the band's first full-length album, Serenity is the Devil, was released, which climbed to number one on the Deutsche Alternative Charts. Shortly thereafter, Lund became a full-time band member.
   Artist: Icycore
   Genre: Progressive Metal   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Information Society
   Genre: Synthpop   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Irving Force
   Genre: Synthwave   
Retro/synth-wave producer from Stockholm, Sweden.
   Artist: Jamie XX
   Genre: Electronica   Future Garage   UK Garage   House   Trip Hop   
Jamie Smith (born 28 October 1988), better known by his stage name Jamie xx, is an English music producer, remix artist and DJ who is known both as a solo act and as a member of the London-based band The xx. He has been recognised with a 2016 Grammy Award nomination in the Best Dance/Electronic Album category for his album In Colour.
   Artist: Joy Orbison
   Genre: Dubstep   UK Garage   Jungle   House   
Peter O'Grady, better known as Joy Orbison, is a DJ and producer based in London. His style is a coalescence of house, dubstep, UK funky, UK garage and oldschool jungle. O'Grady achieved underground success with his debut single "Hyph Mngo", released via Hotflush Recordings in October 2009. He is also known for his collaborations with Boddika.
   Artist: Juan Atkins
   Genre: Techno   Electro   
Juan Atkins (born September 12, 1962) is an American musician. He is widely credited as the originator of techno music, specifically Detroit techno along with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. The three, sometimes called the Belleville Three, attended high school together in Belleville, Michigan, near Detroit.
   Artist: Juno Reactor
   Genre: Psytrance   Goa Trance   Industrial   Trip Hop   
Juno Reactor is a musical and performing group known for their cinematic fusion of electronic, global influences, and orchestral symphonic approach, collaborating with composer Don Davis and composing for the musical score of The Matrix. Central to the project is Ben Watkins and his collaborations with a constantly changing ensemble of musicians from across the world.
   Artist: Kavinsky
   Genre: Electro House   Synthpop   Synthwave   
Vincent Pierre Claude Belorgey (born July 31, 1975), known as Kavinsky, is a French house artist whose production style is very reminiscent of the electropop film soundtracks of the 1980s. Kavinsky claimed that his music is inspired by thousands of movies he watched as a young boy and that he has cherry-picked the best parts from them, consolidating them into one concept.[3] Kavinsky has been compared to many similar French house artists including Daft Punk and Danger. He achieved greater mainstream recognition after his track "Nightcall" was featured in the 2011 film Drive.
   Artist: Kemistry & Storm
   Genre: Drum And Bass   
Kemistry & Storm were an English drum and bass DJ and recording duo of the 1990s. Along with Goldie, whom Kemistry (Kemi Olusanya) had introduced to the drum and bass scene in the early years of the decade, they founded the Metalheadz label in 1994. Appearing mainly on the club scene, recordings by the act include DJ-Kicks: Kemistry & Storm, a mix album released in January 1999 as part of the independent label Studio !K7's DJ-Kicks series.
   Artist: Ken Ishii
   Genre: Techno   
DJ and producer from Japan.
   Artist: Kevin Saunderson
   Genre: Techno   Acid House   
Kevin Maurice Saunderson (born September 5, 1964) is an American electronic music producer. At the age of nine he moved to Belleville, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit where he attended Belleville High School and befriended two students, Derrick May and Juan Atkins. Saunderson, with Atkins and May (often called the "Belleville Three"), is considered to be one of the originators of techno, specifically Detroit techno.
   Artist: King Tubby
   Genre: Dub   
Osbourne Ruddock (28 January 1941 – 6 February 1989) better known as King Tubby, was a Jamaican electronics and sound engineer, known primarily for his influence on the development of dub in the 1960s and 1970s. Tubby's innovative studio work, which saw him elevate the role of the mixing engineer to a creative fame previously only reserved for composers and musicians, would prove to be influential across many genres of popular music. He is often cited as the inventor of the concept of the remix, and so may be seen as a direct antecedent of much dance and electronic music production. Singer Mikey Dread stated, "King Tubby truly understood sound in a scientific sense. He knew how the circuits worked and what the electrons did. That's why he could do what he did".
   Artist: Kizuna AI
   Genre: N/A
Kizuna is an online virtual character completely constructed using software.[13] As the identities of producers in the background are not revealed, video animators, producers, video editors,[16] and players of games are unknown. Kizuna's YouTube channels are thought to be managed by an entire production crew,[19] and the choice to remain anonymous comes from the wish to keep the concept of a virtual idol intact. Though this has caused speculation regarding the operation crew and technology. Kizuna's videos are produced by Tokyo-based digital production company Activ8.
   Artist: Kraftwerk
   Genre: Electronica   Synthpop   Electropop   
Kraftwerk are a German electronic music band formed by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider in 1970 in Düsseldorf. The band was fronted by both Hütter and Schneider until Schneider's departure in 2008. The signature Kraftwerk sound combines driving, repetitive rhythms with catchy melodies, mainly following a Western classical style of harmony, with a minimalistic and strictly electronic instrumentation. The group's simplified lyrics are at times sung through a vocoder or generated by computer-speech software. Kraftwerk was one of the first groups to popularize electronic music and are considered to be pioneers.
   Artist: Kyoko Date
   Genre: N/A
Kyoko Date is a "virtual idol" associated with Horipro. She made her debut in 1996 as a 3D CG character. Despite her virtual nature, she was treated as talent by Horipro. She never enjoyed great popularity, but after her debut she intermittently continued her activities, with a Version 2 emerging in 2001 and a Version 3 in 2007.
   Artist: Lee "Scratch" Perry
   Genre: Dub   
Lee "Scratch" Perry OD (born Rainford Hugh Perry, 20 March 1936 in Kendal, Jamaica) is a Jamaican music producer noted for his innovative studio techniques and production values. Perry was one of the pioneers in the development of dub music with his early adoption of effects and remixing to create new instrumental or vocal versions of existing reggae tracks. Perry has worked with Bob Marley and the Wailers, Junior Murvin, the Congos, Max Romeo and many others.
   Artist: Left Spine Down
   Genre: Digital Hardcore   Punk Rock   Electronica   Drum And Bass   Heavy Metal   Industrial Rock   Industrial Metal   
Based in Vancouver, Canada, LEFT SPINE DOWN (also known by the acronym LSD) plays a brand of music called Cyberpunk that fuses the sounds of Industrial, Metal, Punk and Electronica.
   Artist: Level -1
   Genre: Cyberpunk   Synthwave   Industrial   
LeveL -1 are KaMui and Kazuu, two synthwave artists and composers based in Berlin. They both are thoroughly 80s fans (especially, when it comes to the whole cyberpunk-scene; mainly in anime) – As you listen to LeveL -1's music, you can definitely catch that feeling throughout their songs! Influences: it goes from 80s Industrial/EBM like Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Numb, NIN, Front Line Assembly, Bigod20 to various Synth-Soundtrack, Movie, Game or Chip Composers: John Carpenter, Charles Bernstein, Harry Manfredini, Giorgio Moroder, Claudio Simonetti/Goblin, Tsukasa Masuko (Megami Tensei), Hidenori Maezawa (Contra), Jeroen Tel (Supremacy), 4Mat, Rob Hubbard (Monty on the Run). They also have a strong affinity for 80s anime OSTs and Score music. To sum all the genres – it would be a mixture of: Cyberpunk/80s/NRW/Electronic/Chip/Industrial/OST and VGM
   Artist: London Elektricity
   Genre: Electronica   Drum And Bass   Breakbeat   
London Elektricity is the stage name of DJ and electronic musician Tony Colman, who is best known as a recording artist of five albums, international DJ and formerly a member of the drum and bass act London Elektricity Live.
   Artist: LTJ Bukem
   Genre: Drum And Bass   Hardcore Techno   Breakbeat   Trip Hop   
LTJ Bukem is the stage name used by the drum and bass musician, producer and DJ Danny Williamson (born 1967). He and his record label Good Looking are most associated with the jazzy, atmospheric side of drum and bass music.
   Artist: Lueur Verte
   Genre: Synthwave   Dreamwave   Electronica   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Luke Slater
   Genre: Techno   
Luke Slater (born 12 June 1968, Reading, Berkshire, England) is an English electronic musician, DJ and record producer, who has concentrated on techno since the beginning of the 1990s.
   Artist: Machine Of Loving Grace
   Genre: Industrial Rock   
American industrial rock band founded in 1989 in Tucson, Arizona and disbanded in 1997. Named after a poem of Richard Brautigan.
   Artist: Massive Attack
   Genre: Trip Hop   
Collaborative british music production duo from Bristol, UK. During the 1991 Gulf War the group name was shown on some releases as 'Massive' in order to maintain airplay after pressure from the British Government on radio programmers. The group did not actually change their name.
   Artist: Max Brhon
   Genre: Electro   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Mayneframe
   Genre: Electronica   Cyberpunk   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Miku Hatsune
   Genre: Synthwave   
Not an actual person, Hatsune Miku is the name given to one voice set in the voice synthesizer program Vocaloid developed by Crypton. It is the first in the Vocaloid 2 Character series and is immensely popular in Japan.
   Artist: mind.in.a.box
   Genre: Futurepop   Technopop   Progressive Trance   
mind.in.a.box is an Austrian electronic music band which includes Stefan Poiss (vocals), Roman Stift (bass), Gehard Höffler (drums) and Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky (guitar). Their "technopop" sound can be described as a cross between futurepop and progressive trance.
   Artist: Ministry
   Genre: Industrial Metal   New Wave   Synthpop   
Ministry is an American industrial metal band founded by lead singer Al Jourgensen in 1981. Originally a new wave synthpop outfit, Ministry changed its style to industrial metal in the mid-1980s. Ministry found mainstream success in the early 1990s with its most successful album Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs (1992) and touring as part of the Lollapalooza festival.
   Artist: Mitch Murder
   Genre: Electronica   Synthwave   
Mitch Murder is the pseudonym of Johan Bengtsson, an electronic / synthwave musician from Stockholm, Sweden.
   Artist: Mountain Of Smoke
   Genre: Doom Metal   
American stoner/doom and sludge metal band from Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas. Founded in 2013.
   Artist: Necro Facility
   Genre: Industrial   Futurepop   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Neon Indian
   Genre: Chillwave   Synthpop   Lo-Fi   
Neon Indian is an American electronic music band from Denton, Texas. The music is composed by Mexican-born Alan Palomo (born July 24, 1988), who is also known for his work with the band Ghosthustler, and as the solo artist VEGA.
   Artist: Neon Shudder
   Genre: Dark Electro   
neon shudder is the pseudonym of producer jhm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is currently working on his Cadence saga of cyberpunk concept albums.
   Artist: Nerve Filter
   Genre: IDM   Downtempo   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Nine Inch Nails
   Genre: Industrial Rock   Industrial Metal   Alternative Rock   Dark Ambient   Synthpop   
Nine Inch Nails (abbreviated as NIN) is an American industrial rock band, founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor in Cleveland, Ohio. As its main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Reznor is the only official member of Nine Inch Nails and remains solely responsible for its direction. NIN's music straddles a wide range of genres, while retaining a characteristic sound using electronic instruments and processing.
   Artist: Nitzer Ebb
   Genre: EBM   Electronica   Industrial Rock   
Nitzer Ebb are a British EBM group formed in 1982 by Essex school friends Vaughan "Bon" Harris (programming, synthesizers, drums, vocals), Douglas McCarthy (vocals), and David Gooday (drums).
   Artist: Noise Unit
   Genre: Industrial   Techno   Experimental   Psybient   
Noise Unit started out as a collaboration between Bill Leeb and Marc Verhaeghen of Klinik. Together they produced the first two albums. The third album brought the project back to life with Rhys Fulber obviously taking over from Marc. "Decoder" was supposedly made from the leftovers of the aborted Front Line Assembly album "Toxic." The album "Drill" was a collaboration with Haujobb and Klinik.
   Artist: Omni Trio
   Genre: Electronica   Experimental   Ambient   Drum And Bass   
Rob Haigh's first release as Omni Trio was on his own Candidate Records label in early 1993. This caught the ear of Hertford based trio 2 Bad Mice who helped sign Haigh to Moving Shadow. Through the nineties Haigh developed a unique style of what has become known as ambient (or 'intelligent') Drum and Bass and released six acclaimed albums. The Omni Trio sound is notable for its intricate orchestrated production and atmospheric sound palette.
   Artist: Orchivion
   Genre: Death Metal   
Symphonic death metal band from Warsaw, Poland.
   Artist: Perturbator
   Genre: Synthwave   
Perturbator is the pseudonym of James Kent, an electronic / synthwave musician from Paris, France. He has a background as a guitar player in several black metal bands. Since 2012 he has produced electronic music inspired by cyberpunk culture and with inspiration from movies like "Akira, Ghost In The Shell [and] The Running Man". He uses a variety of software synths in his productions, such as the emulators of old vintage synths like the OB-X or the CS-80.
   Artist: Planetary Assault Systems
   Genre: Techno   
Planetary Assault Systems is Luke Slater's most influential pseudonym leaving its definite mark on more than 15 years of Techno history.
   Artist: Plastikman
   Genre: Techno   Minimal   Electronica   Ambient   
Richard "Richie" Hawtin (born June 4, 1970) is an English-born Canadian electronic musician and DJ and three times DJ Awards winner. He was an influential part of Detroit techno's second wave of artists in the early 1990s and has been a leading exponent of minimal techno since the mid-1990s. He is best known for his work under the alias Plastikman and for his ENTER. events in Ibiza and around the world.
   Artist: Plug
   Genre: Drum And Bass   
British electronic music composer and producer, born 26 January 1973 in Cornwall, UK.
   Artist: Polygon Window
   Genre: Ambient   Experimental   IDM   
Richard James' recorded his first album for Warp as part of the label's Artificial Intelligence series. Polygon Window's Surfing on Sine Waves was released in late 1992, and earned James' first American release the following year via Warp's package deal with TVT Records.
   Artist: Pornophonique
   Genre: Electronica   
eine gitarre. ein gameboy. ein c64. zwei typen. space invaders samples. lagerfeuergeschrabbel.
   Artist: Power Glove
   Genre: Electronica   Synthwave   
Power Glove are an Australian electronic music and synthwave duo from Melbourne, Victoria. They provided the soundtrack to the 1980s-influenced retro-futuristic video game, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (April 2013). The soundtrack met with critical acclaim.
   Artist: Powerman 5000
   Genre: Industrial Metal   Electronic Rock   Industrial Rock   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Propellerheads
   Genre: Electronica   Big Beat   Breakbeat   Trip Hop   
Propellerheads were a British big beat musical ensemble, formed in 1995 and made up of electronic producers Will White and Alex Gifford. The term propellerhead is slang for a nerd, and when Gifford and White heard a friend from California use this in a conversation, they thought it would be the perfect name for their band.
   Artist: Psyborg Corp
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   EBM   EDM   
Cosmic frost awakens! The Colombian band Psyborg Corp strikes back with their second album “The Frozen Shrines of Obsÿdÿana”; a ruthless wintry machine of 11 tracks full of icy melodies, rumbling avalanche bass lines and colossal freezing beats! This new album is a conceptual piece of work created by the band telling the sci-fi story of “Obsÿdÿana”: a crystal planetary system with a hi-tech society threatened by a cosmic phenomenon in the midst of war, facing annihilation. Signed to the German label BlackRain/Noitekk (2010), and Orion Records (Chile, 2014), winners of the Orion Records “Best Latinamerican Band 2011”, with four nominations for the Subterranica Awards (2014); signed by the Russian label Insane Records (2015) and boosting the momentum of two releases, Psyborg Corp keeps aiming high after gaining global media and public acclaim through the last years in quest for crystal armored glory!
   Artist: Psydoll
   Genre: Industrial   Electro   Gothic Rock   
Psydoll are a cyberpunk band. They formed in Tokyo in 1997 and incorporate Industrial and Electropop with cyberpunk imagery, musical and lyrical content. In 2003 they were brought over to the UK to play at the Beyond the Veil gothic music festival in Leeds and gained some recognition amongst the UK industrial and gothic underground. Later that year they returned for a mini-tour of Scotland and Northern England. Leeds based Planet Ghost Music, home to Little Match Girl recognised the talent and signed them for their first release outside Japan. I, Psydoll is a collection of their previous two Japanese albums plus a bonus track. They then returned to the UK in 2005 for another mini-tour supporting amongst others Amen.
   Artist: Psykosonik
   Genre: Techno   
Psykosonik was an American techno music group. The band's lyrics feature cyberpunk and extropian themes such as virtual reality, AI, cybernetics, life extension, and general science.
   Artist: Punish Yourself
   Genre: Electronic Rock   Industrial Metal   Punkrock   
Punish Yourself is a French Electronic Rock band best known for their stage theatrics and innovative style of Industrial and Punk music. They describe their style as "Fluo Cyber Punk".
   Artist: Rabbit Junk
   Genre: Metal   Digital Hardcore   
Rabbit Junk is a Seattle based band, formed in 2004 by former The Shizit frontman JP Anderson. Taking influences from diverse music genres such as hip hop, black metal and new wave, JP calls the sound of Rabbit Junk as "Hardclash".
   Artist: Recue
   Genre: IDM   Electronica   
Producer/musician hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Musically Recue is exploring left field of electronic music, regardless of genres. The music is often referred to as having heavy influences of dub, ambient, bass focused downtempo and even techno but it’s better to leave it for the listener to place the tag.
   Artist: Red Marker
   Genre: Electronica   Synthpop   Synthwave   Techno   Trance   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Revolting Puppets
   Genre: Electronica   Punk   Rock   Indie   
The M-Pire. No one really remembers the exact day when they took over. It wasn’t a revolution over night, it was an ongoing process over years. Bit by bit, they took control, cut our freedoms and made us believe that we had chosen this. That we wanted it. And that it was good. But with time, a few us started to notice hat something wasn’t right. We felt a deeply irritating feeling inside us, even we were not supposed to. We couldn’t really talk about it. In this world, you were not supposed to feel this way. And if you did, the M-Pire had ways to heal you. That’s what they called it. But no matter how many pills we swallowed and chips we had in our brains, the feeling would never vanish completely. So we started to look deeper and deeper inside ourselves, until we found an answer. That was the beginning. The beginning of the Revolting Puppets.
   Artist: Roborg
   Genre: Electronica   Darkwave   Synthwave   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Röyksopp
   Genre: Downtempo   Ambient   Synthpop   House      
Norwegian electronic producer duo. Their name Röyksopp, derived from Norwegian "røyksopp", translates into English as "puffball" or "mushroom cloud". This type of mushroom is notable for the misty cloud created when it releases its spores. There is also an obvious hallucinogenic double meaning to the name. Or perhaps a reference to the plume of smoke during an atomic explosion.
   Artist: Sarif
   Genre: Black Metal   Hardcore   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Savlonic
   Genre: Synthwave   Synthpop   Electro   
Electro / synthpop band consisting of Evangeline D'isco, Roscoe Thunderpants and Kandi Flauss. Mainly produced by Weebl.
   Artist: Scandroid
   Genre: Synthwave   Electronica   
Scandroid is an electronic music duo formed by Klayton and Varien in 2013. The duo released its debut single on August 6, 2013, entitled "Salvation Code".
   Artist: Scientist
   Genre: Dub   
Hopeton Brown better known as The Scientist and sometimes known as Overton Brown, from Kingston, Jamaica was a protégé of King Tubby (Osbourne Ruddock), one of the originators of dub music. The Scientist burst onto the reggae scene in the early ’70s with a reckless mixing style that seemed to outdo even King Tubby’s wildest extravaganzas. He began his career as an engineer at Tubby’s in the mid 70’s. Shortly afterwards, he gained a reputation with a distinctive mixing style.
   Artist: Seba
   Genre: Drum And Bass   
Drum 'n' Bass DJ and producer from Sweden. Label owner of Secret Operations.
   Artist: Sigue Sigue Sputnik
   Genre: New Wave   Post Punk   Glam Punk   
Sigue Sigue Sputnik were a British new wave band formed in 1982 by former Generation X bassist Tony James. The band had three UK Top 40 hit singles, including the song "Love Missile F1-11" and "21st Century Boy".
   Artist: Skinny Puppy
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   Synthpop   Electronica   Industrial Rock   
Skinny Puppy is a Canadian industrial music group, formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1982. The group is widely considered to be one of the founders of the electro-industrial genre. The band's logo consists of the stylized, superimposed letters SP and is a common fan tattoo.
   Artist: Small Black
   Genre: Indie Rock   Synthpop   Chillwave   Lo-Fi   
Formed at the end of 2008 as a bedroom recording project, Small Black first made waves with their eponymous debut EP. Recorded in the attic of singer Josh's uncle's remote Long Island beach-house/surfboard workshop, it served as an introduction to the group with its pulsing patchwork synths and hooks that seemed to unfurl themselves gradually over repeated listens. Slightly more immediate and polished than its predecessor, Small Black's debut LP New Chain remained a continuation of this contrasting ethos -- a delirious smudging of the lines between melancholy and nostalgia, tension and celebration, unabashed pop music and experimentation.
   Artist: Soul Connection
   Genre: Drum And Bass   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Sparespine
   Genre: Power Metal   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Squarepusher
   Genre: Acid Techno   Ambient   Breakbeat   IDM   Drum And Bass   
Squarepusher is the principal pseudonym adopted by Tom Jenkinson (born 17 January 1975), a UK-based recording artist. His compositions draw on a number of influences including drum and bass, acid house, jazz and electroacoustic music. His recordings are typified by a combination of electronic sound sources, live instrumental playing and digital signal processing. He is the brother of Ceephax Acid Crew (Andrew Jenkinson).
   Artist: Stilz
   Genre: Hip Hop   Synthpop   Synthwave   
Producer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Known to experiment with both hip hop and synth-pop.
   Artist: Strain
   Genre: Death Metal   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Synthetic Breed
   Genre: Industrial Metal   
Australian industrial metal band.
   Artist: Technimatic
   Genre: Drum And Bass   
Musically rich, emotionally charged drum & bass has become the trademark sound of Pete Rogers and Andy Powell aka Technimatic, now firmly established as major players in the d&b scene.
   Artist: The Advent
   Genre: Techno   
London based Cisco Ferreira, or ‘The Advent’, can be described in many ways: a musician, a pioneer, a sound designer, a steady force, one persistent m*therf*cker, a rebel, an icon, an outsider, a great live artist...
   Artist: The Algorithm
   Genre: Electronica   EBM   Progressive Metal   
The Algorithm is the musical project of French musician Rémi Gallego (born October 7, 1989) from Perpignan. His style is characterised by an unusual combination of electronic dance music with progressive metal. Gallego chose the name The Algorithm to highlight the music's complex and electronic nature.
   Artist: The Cassandra Complex
   Genre: Gothic Rock   Darkwave   Post Punk   Industrial   
The Cassandra Complex are an electronic rock group formed by Rodney Orpheus and Paul Dillon in 1980 in Leeds, England, later expanding to a trio with the addition of Andy Booth.
   Artist: The Chemical Brothers
   Genre: Big Beat   Electronica   Techno   House   Trip Hop   
The Chemical Brothers are a British electronic music band composed of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons originating in Manchester in 1989. Along with The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method, and fellow acts, they were pioneers at bringing the big beat genre to the forefront of pop culture. In the UK, they have had six number one albums and 13 top 20 singles, including two number ones.
   Artist: The Comsat Angels
   Genre: New Wave   Post Punk   
The Comsat Angels were an English post-punk band from Sheffield England, initially active from 1978 to 1995. Their music has been described as "abstract pop songs with spare instrumentation, many of which were bleak and filled with some form of heartache."
   Artist: The Crystal Method
   Genre: Electronica   Trip Hop   Big Beat   Breakbeat   
The Crystal Method is an American electronic music and keyboardist duo formed in Las Vegas, Nevada by Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland in the early 1990s. The Crystal Method's music has appeared in numerous TV shows, films, video games, and advertisements. Their best-selling album, Vegas, was certified platinum in 2007.
   Artist: The KLF
   Genre: House   Techno   Acid House   Hip Hop   Ambient   
The KLF (also known as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, furthermore known as The JAMs, The Timelords and other names) were a British acid house band of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Beginning in 1987, Bill Drummond (alias King Boy D) and Jimmy Cauty (alias Rockman Rock) released hip hop-inspired and sample-heavy records as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, and on one occasion (the British number one hit single "Doctorin' the Tardis") as The Timelords. The KLF released a series of international hits on their own KLF Communications record label, and became the biggest-selling singles act in the world for 1991. The duo also published a book, The Manual (How to Have a Number One the Easy Way), and worked on a road movie called The White Room.
   Artist: The Neon Judgement
   Genre: EBM   Synthpop   New Wave   Industrial   
The Neon Judgement is a Belgian new wave band, formed in Leuven in 1981 by Dirk Da Davo (keyboards/vocalist) and TB Frank (guitarist/vocalist). These Belgian musicians have often been considered the pioneers of electronic body music (EBM), together with another Belgian band, Front 242. EBM is a high-tech genre from the early '80s, combining industrial and electro music, from which later originated new beat and techno.
   Artist: The Orb
   Genre: Ambient House   House   Dub   Ambient   Trip Hop   
The Orb are an English electronic music group known for spawning the genre of ambient house. Founded in 1988 by Alex Paterson and KLF member Jimmy Cauty, the Orb began as ambient and dub DJs in London. Their early performances were inspired by ambient and electronic artists of the 1970s and 1980s, most notably Brian Eno and Kraftwerk. Because of their trippy sound, the Orb developed a cult following among clubbers "coming down" from drug-induced highs. The Orb has maintained their drug-related and science fiction themes despite personnel changes, including the departure of Cauty and other Orb members Kris Weston, Andy Falconer, Simon Phillips, Nick Burton and Andy Hughes. Paterson has been the only permanent member, continuing to work as the Orb with the Swiss-German producer Thomas Fehlmann and, later, with Killing Joke's Martin "Youth" Glover and Tim Bran of Dreadzone.
   Artist: The Prodigy
   Genre: Electronica   Big Beat   Breakbeat   Alternative Rock   
The Prodigy is an English electronic music group from Braintree, Essex, formed by Liam Howlett in 1990. The current members include Liam Howlett (keyboardist and composer), Keith Flint (dancer and vocalist) and Maxim (MC and vocalist). Leeroy Thornhill (dancer and occasional live keyboardist) was a member of the band from 1990 to 2000, as was a female dancer and vocalist called Sharky who left the group during their early period. Along with The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method and other acts, The Prodigy have been credited as pioneers of the big beat genre, which achieved mainstream popularity in the 1990s and 2000s.
   Artist: The Shizit
   Genre: Digital Hardcore   
In early 1999, The Shizit was formed in Seattle, WA, with J.P. Anderson doing programming and vocals and Brian Shrader on the guitar. Soon after, they recorded "Evil Inside," their first demo. Combining the cold, synth sound of techno with the angry brutality of metal and mixing in a political message, the music created was innovative and full of depth. Spread through underground sources, and along the internet, the band began to pick up a growing number of followers. There was enough interest sparked that the band was invited to re-record their songs for a European produced album. Unfortunately, the the album never came together, and the newly recorded tracks were made into "Script Kiddie." Work began on a completely new album. "Soundtrack For The Revolution" (aka SoFTeR) was released in 2001. Years of work had started to pay off. The Shizit was featured on Alec Empire's "Don't F**k With Us" compilation, and soonafter was touring with Alec Empire himself in Europe. A third member, Jason Alberts, was added to the group as a full time turntablist.
   Artist: Thomas Dolby
   Genre: New Wave   Synthpop   
Thomas Dolby (born Thomas Morgan Robertson; 14 October 1958) is an English musician and producer best known for his 1982 hit "She Blinded Me with Science" and 1984 single "Hyperactive!" He has also worked extensively in production and as a session musician, as a technology entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, and as the Music Director for the TED Conference. He is currently a Professor of the Arts at Johns Hopkins University.
   Artist: Throbbing Gristle
   Genre: Industrial   Experimental   Electronica   Ambient   Post Punk   
Throbbing Gristle were an English music and visual arts group formed in 1976 in Kingston upon Hull. The band comprised Genesis P-Orridge (born Neil Megson; bass guitar, violin, vocals, vibraphone), Cosey Fanni Tutti (born Christine Newby; guitars, cornet, vocals), Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson (tapes, found sounds, horns, piano, vibraphone, synthesizer) and Chris Carter (synthesizers, tapes, electronics).
   Artist: Toro y Moi
   Genre: Electronica   Synthpop   Chillwave   
Chazwick Bradley Bundick (born November 7, 1986), better known by his stage name Toro y Moi, is an American recording artist and producer. His music has taken on many forms since he began recording, but he is often identified with the rise of the chillwave movement in 2010 and 2011. His stage name is a multilingual expression consisting of the Spanish words toro and y (meaning "bull" and "and", respectively), and the French word moi (meaning "me").
   Artist: Tubeway Army
   Genre: Synthpop   New Wave   Punk   
Fronted by Gary Numan, with Jess Lidyard (drums) and Paul Gardiner (electric bass), founded in 1977. After releasing the albums “Tubeway Army,” and “Replicas,” (both sold over a million copies) Numan decided to release records under his own name, but with the same musicians. To this day, Tubeway Army and Gary Numan have been a great inspiration to a lot of current electro and techno artists.
   Artist: Tycho
   Genre: Ambient   IDM   Downtempo   Chillwave   
Tycho (pronounced like Tie-ko, with emphasis on the first syllable) is an American ambient music project led by Scott Hansen (born 1976 or 1977) as primary composer, songwriter and producer. Hailing from San Francisco, California, he is known as ISO50 for his photographic and design works. His music is a combination of downtempo vintage-style synthesizers and ambient melodies. The style of his music is very organic, typically incorporating clips of the human element into his songs (i.e. weather broadcasts, simple talking, or even breathing).
   Artist: Underground Resistance
   Genre: Techno   
Underground Resistance (commonly abbreviated to UR) is a musical collective from Detroit, Michigan, in the United States of America. They are the most militantly political outcropping of modern Detroit techno, with a grungy, four-track musical aesthetic and a strictly anti-mainstream business strategy. They have exerted their portion of Detroit Techno's cultural influence towards promoting political activism.
   Artist: Unfaithful
   Genre: Death Metal   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Victor Love
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   Industrial Rock   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Voight Kampff
   Genre: Trash Metal   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: Washed Out
   Genre: Chillwave   Electronica   Dream Pop   Trip Hop   Synthpop   Indie Pop   
Ernest Greene (born October 3, 1982), better known by his stage name Washed Out, is an American singer-songwriter and record producer.
   Artist: Yellow Magic Orchestra
   Genre: Electronica   Synthpop   Electro   Techno   Electropop   
The principal members were Haruomi Hosono (bass), Yukihiro Takahashi (drums) and Ryuichi Sakamoto (keyboards). The band was originally conceived as a one-off studio project by Hosono, the other two members being recruited session musicians - the idea was to produce an album fusing orientalist exotica (cf their cover version of Martin Denny's Firecracker) with modern electronics. However the first album (with its cutting-edge production) was very popular, and the studio project grew into a fully fledged touring band and career for its three members. Making abundant use of new synthesizers, samplers, digital and computer recording technology as it became available, their popularity and influence extended beyond Japan. Generally the band are highly regarded as pioneers of electronic music, and continue to be remixed and sampled by modern artists. The band had stopped working together by 1984, the three members returning to their solo careers. They released a one-off reunion album, Technodon, in 1993. The early 2000s saw Hosono & Takahashi reunited in a project called Sketch Show. On a number of occasions Ryuichi Sakamoto has joined in on Sketch Show performances and recording sessions. He later proposed they rename the unit "Human Audio Sponge" when he participates.
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