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   Title: Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star
   Year: 1998
   Category: Comics Series   
   Author: Owen Thomas   Cain Kuga   
   Publisher: Tokyopop   
When the population of Earth abandoned its home for other planets, the Solar System became a playground for tricksters, mobsters and criminals galore. The police alone can't chase them all down... enter the bounty hunters, the best of the best of which make their home on the spaceship Bebop-the ex-mafioso Spike Spiegel, the ex-cop Jet Black, the amnesiac Faye Valentine, Ed the Hacker and their data dog, Ein. Now, with more scruples than the rest of their ilk, the gang often find themselves without the cash, and consequentially without food on their plates. And when they get caught in the crossfire of a mafia grudge match, they may all reconsider their line of work. Made in tandem with the hit TV show, this two-manga series offers an alternative look at the quirky crew of the Bebop.
Found 1 entry
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