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   Title: Analog, Vol. 1
   Year: 2018
   Category: Comics Series   
   Author: Gerry Duggan   
   Publisher: Image Comics   
It's 2024, and the internet is only for porn after the world is mass-doxxed. Every email, photo, and document ever sent rains down out of the cloud, and only a fool would send a secret over the web. This is the era of the "Paper Jockeys: " armed couriers with a briefcase of secrets that will get your sensitive information around the globe or die trying. Human punching-bag Jack McGinnis and his partner Oona are two of the best couriers in the business. For a price, they'll move your sensitive information where it needs to go as they fight off fascists, criminals, and spies. From new star David O'Sullivan and Gerry Duggan, writer of Deadpool and Uncanny Avengers.
Found 1 entry
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