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   Title: Cyber Mage
   Year: 2021
   Category: Novel   
   Author: Saad Z. Hossain   
   Publisher: The Unnamed Press   
Welcome to Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2089. A city notorious for its extreme population density has found an unexpected way to not just survive a global climate apocalypse, but thrive: pump enough biological nanotech into the neighborhood and all of the bodies together form a self-sustaining, and even temperate, microclimate. Of course, this means that millions of humans have to stay put in order to maintain a livable temperature, and people are getting restless. All of the nanotech has also led to some surprises: certain people no longer need food or water while others can live without functioning organs.
   Title: Kundo Wakes Up
   Year: 2022
   Category: Novel Series   
   Series: The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday
   Author: Saad Z. Hossain   
   Publisher: Tor   
While Gurkha introduced us to the techno utopia of Kathmandu, Kundo takes us to Hossain’s native Bangladesh, to the fading city of Chittagong, which is slowly crumbling into the sea as even Karma goes silent. But Kundo’s contemplation of his dying city is interrupted when his wife leaves him and then goes inexplicably missing, and soon Kundo starts to connect the dots between a number of disappearances. But this is Hossain, and so there’s more afoot than techno shenanigans. Kundo will find that the veil between worlds is paper-thin, and the djinn have their own stake in the matter.
   Title: Made To Order: Robots And Revolution
   Year: 2020
   Category: Short Story   
   Author: Jonathan Strahan   Vina Jie-Min Prasad   Peter Watts   Saad Z. Hossain   Daryl Gregory   Tochi Onyebuchi   Ken Liu   Sarah Pinsker   Peter F. Hamilton   John Chu   Alastair Reynolds   Rich Larson   Annalee Newitz   Ian R. MacLeod   Sofia Samatar   Suzanne Palmer   Brooke Bolander   
   Publisher: Solaris   
100 years after Karel Capek coined the word, “robots” are an everyday idea, and the inspiration for countless stories in books, film, TV and games. They are often among the least privileged, most unfairly used of us, and the more robots are like humans, the more interesting they become. This collection of stories is where robots stand in for us, where both we and they are disadvantaged, and where hope and optimism shines through.
Found 3 entries
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