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   Title: Cyberpunk 2077: No Coincidence
   Year: 2023
   Category: Audiobook   Comics   
   Author: Rafal Kosik   
   Publisher: Orbit   
Set in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, one of the bestselling video games of recent years, from acclaimed Polish science fiction writer Rafał Kosik, this electrifying novel follows a group of strangers as they discover that the dangers of Night City are all too real.
   Title: Fortune's Envoy (#3)
   Year: 2024
   Category: Novel Series   Audiobook   
   Series: Cyber Dreams
   Author: Plum Parrot   Suzy Jackson    
   Publisher: Podium Audio   
Once a scrap-wrangling nobody from Phoenix, Arizona, Juliet Bianchi's life was forever changed when fate handed her a hyper-advanced AI chip that launched her into the arena of high-powered, high-stakes operators. To her surprise—and everyone else's—she had a natural talent for cybernetic-enhanced mayhem and mercenary work.
   Title: Life Ever After
   Year: 2019
   Category: Audiobook   
   Author: Carla Grauls   
   Publisher: AO Media   
Tech City: Society is obsessed with relentless progress and the possibility of eternal life. A woman and a man meet in waiting room, anticipating a procedure that will incorporate the latest science and technology into their minds and bodies, heightening their awareness and increasing their productivity. Years pass, their relationship deepens and fades, and they grow increasingly uncertain where the AI stops and where they begin. A romantic drama exploring the potentiality of transhumanism, Life Ever After is a rich listening experience that is at once naturalistic and poetic.
   Title: Machina
   Year: 2020
   Category: Novel   Audiobook   
   Author: Fran Wilde   Malka Ann Older   Curtis C. Chen   Martha Wells   
   Publisher: Serial Box   
With Earth becoming increasingly uninhabitable, some look to space for humanity’s salvation. In the arid California desert, two companies face off for the opportunity to develop the autonomous robots that will precede settlers to Mars. Scientists and staff alike mingle at Moonshot Bar, and they all begin to realize that there’s more than scientific discovery at stake.
   Title: The Devil Whispered
   Year: 2021
   Category: Novel   Audiobook   
   Author: Shawn Starkweather   
   Publisher: Amazon   
Ex special-forces commander Jacobi Slate is drawn into a downward spiraling vortex of fear and doubt while investigating a brutal murder that's been committed by an old friend. As evidence mounts that someone else might be pulling strings from the shadows, Jacobi struggles to understand a developing connection to his own past, which is quickly catching up to him. Near-future cyberpunk collides with gritty detective noir in this fast-paced thriller that shines a light on both the vast shortcomings and the noble heroics of the human condition. To unravel the mystery, Jacobi will pull on every thread while chasing leads from the squalor of the most dangerous streets to the high-tech towers of the wealthy elite on his quest to understand a truth he might not be ready to face.
   Title: The Original
   Year: 2020
   Category: Audiobook   
   Author: Brandon Sanderson   Mary Robinette Kowal   Julia Whelan   
   Publisher: Recorded Books   
In the near future, humans choose life - for a price. Injectable nanite technology is the lifeblood that flows through every individual wishing to experience the world through the lens of their own theme. While death from mortal wounds is still possible, life is made easier in a socially liberated society where automation and income equality allow passion pursuits to flourish over traditional work. Renewal stations are provided to every law-abiding citizen for weekly check-ins, which issue life-sustaining repairs in exchange for personal privacy. But what becomes of those who check out, of those who dare to resist immortality and risk being edited under the gaze of an identity-extracting government surveillance system?
Found 6 entries
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