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   Title: Blackstar
   Year: 2015
   Category: Novel   
   Author: Joshua Viola   
   Publisher: FiXT   
In a world blasted and barren, the last bastion of civilization is a fortress-city called Central. Kaine, the city's benevolent arbiter, rules over the people in exchange for his gift to them: Re:memory—a public archive containing humanity's memories of the world before it was destroyed. Rezin doesn't know who he is or why he's in Central, but he does know this: he is a Reaper. His combination of gifts and abilities allow him to decrypt any system and steal information to sell to the highest bidder. His talents afford him a life of luxury until the day he plugs into Re:memory and reaps something he wasn't looking for—something Kaine will do anything to get back.
Found 1 entry
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