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   Title: Blade Runner and the Cyberpunk Narrative. Is Cyberpunk a Dystopian Narrative or a Genre of its own?
   Year: N/A
   Category: Other   
   Author: Mike Gallo   
   Publisher: Google   
The reference "I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe" marks one of the most iconic monologues in movie history. It perfectly describes the confusing life within a dystopian future from the perspective of a being whose existence is a comment on life itself. Replicants, artificial life, flying cars, dirty streets, confusing architecture and big corporations fill the narration of "Blade Runner", often claimed as the showpiece of the art form of cyberpunk. What is cyberpunk? What is cyber? What is punk? This seminar paper will examine the origins of the cyberpunk narrative...
Found 1 entry
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