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   Title: Cyberella
   Year: 1996
   Category: Comics Series   
   Author: Howard Chaykin   
   Publisher: Helix   
Sunny Winston is an 'ordinary citizen' who exhibits aberrant behaviour living in the insular consumer-driven society of a near-future Earth. Karoshi/Macrocorp has designed a program to keep the human masses under its sway by exploiting their affinity with popular culture. This program is based on 'Lil Ella a cartoon character created by Kelton Mosby the founder of Karoshi/Macrocorp, based on Ella Fiscus, a child star who died in a factory accident. Following Mosby's death, Karoshi/Macrocorp falls under the sway of Bronson Travis and his descendents including Bronson Travis III, the one time lover of Sunny Winston. The Karoshi/Macrocorp plan back-fires and leads to the merging of the persona of Sunny Winston with the 'Lil Ella program. The end-product of this fusion is 'Cyberella' a being imbued with various 'super-powers' (including the ability to meld her mind with others) and who sets about undermining the ambitions of Karoshi/Macrocorp. The events narrated by the comic take place in Slangeliego, "the capital of the twenty first century [and] the greatest city in the world", a megalopolis stretching the length of the west coastline of the North American continent, from Vancouver in Canada southwards down to Tijuana in Mexico.
Found 1 entry
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