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   Title: A.D. Police: Dead End City
   Year: 1989
   Category: Comics Series   
   Author: Toshimichi Suzuki   Tony Takezaki   
   Publisher: VIZ Media   Samourai   Manga Books   
The manga is set in 2032. The A.D. Police are an elite group of highly trained and specially equipped police officers, who have been formed to deal with terrorist activities and Boomer crimes in the city of Mega Tokyo. The A.D. Police are offered a great deal of leeway in their activities, often blockading large sections of the city and causing great amounts of property damage in the course of fulfilling their duty. Despite their dedication to their jobs, however, the citizens of Mega Tokyo tend to dislike and distrust members of the A.D. Police, seeing them as corrupt and ineffectual.
Found 1 entry
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