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   Title: Better Than Real: Sensual Solutions for the Discerning Client
   Year: 2006
   Category: Novel   
   Author: Huw Lyan Thomas   
   Publisher: Velluminous Press   
Lee is an up-and-coming designer of seductive love dolls, until the day his sexiest creation yet goes murderously wrong. Sent to the crime scene to defuse a delicate situation, Lee finds that the rogue doll has been infiltrated by a mysterious, self-aware entity called Lilith who can't seem to make her mind up whether she's a silky-smooth seductress or a state-of-the-art assassination system. Within hours, Lee's encounter with Lilith has escalated into a life-or-death race with her creators, the shadowy and relentless Elect, and ultimately into a battle for the very stuff of his humanity - a battle in which his best hope of salvation turns out not to be human at all.
Found 1 entry
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