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   Title: 2090 Untamed: Book 1 Of Trashy Cinderella Series
   Year: 2022
   Category: Novel Series   
   Series: 2090
   Author: Ly Ann   
   Publisher: N/A
Half a decade after corporations took down governments worldwide, Ella, a twenty-four-year-old with a penchant for psychedelics, supports herself, in gang-ruled Los Angeles in 2090, the best way she can - high robbery. Forced into working as a spy for K-Top, a barricaded corporate state, she discovers their technological wonders, inaccessible to Outsiders like her. Ella uses her ingenuity and charm, as well as her seemingly otherwordly memory to seduce Dr. Hartley only to uncover a conspiracy set to reshape humankind.
Found 1 entry
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