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   Title: And Shall Machines Surrender (#1)
   Year: 2019
   Category: Novel Series   
   Series: Machine Mandate
   Author: Benjanun Sriduangkaew   
   Publisher: Prime Books   
On the dyson sphere Shenzhen, artificial intelligences rule and humans live in luxury, vying to be chosen as host bodies—called haruspices—for the next generation of AI, and thus be worshiped as gods. Doctor Orfea Leung has come here to escape her past of mercenary violence. Krissana Khongtip has come here to reinvent herself from haunted spy to holy cyborg. But the utopian peace of Shenzhen is shattered when the haruspices begin committing suicide, and the pair are called upon to solve the mystery—and survive the silent war between machines...
Found 1 entry
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