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   Title: Dreamweb
   Year: 1994
   Developer: Creative Reality   
   Publisher: Empire Interactive   
   Platform: PC DOS   Amiga   
   Genre: Adventure   
The protagonist and anti-hero is named Ryan, a bartender in a futuristic dystopian city (implied to be in England, as evidenced by the use of British English such as "lift" and "bonnet [of a car]") who has been plagued by strange dreams of an entity known as the Dreamweb. In the dream that opens the game, Ryan is asked by the master monk of the Keepers to be the deliverer and kill the seven evils, who are united to break the Dreamweb and send mankind spiraling into chaos. (In Diary of a (Mad?)man, however, which precedes the start of the game, it is strongly implied that Ryan is descending into psychosis and has fabricated the whole Dreamweb scenario in his mind.)
Found 1 entry
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