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   Title: Magrunner: Dark Pulse
   Year: 2013
   Developer: Frogwares   
   Publisher: Focus Home Interactive   
   Platform: Windows   PS3   Xbox 360   
   Genre: Action   Puzzle   
The game starts at the Gruckezber Corporation training facility built for deep space exploration. The initial levels display the sleek, clean high-tech nature of the Magtech facility. When a major malfunction takes the facility offline and locks it down, the appearance of the challenge facility changes, becoming decrepit and eerie. It then enters the realm of the Cthulhu Mythos — the inhuman and alien. Dax faces the first of the nightmarish monstrosities of the mythos that now infest the realm. Gamaji reveals Xander’s insane past to Dax as Kram goes mad with his exposure to the eldritch environment. Dax discovers the Soul Pillars feeding its power to the ritual gate that Xander has devised to free his master, Cthulhu. When Dax confronts Xander, he faces a greater threat — one of the Spawn of Cthulhu emerging through The Gate to herald the arrival of the Great Old One.
Found 1 entry
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