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   Title: Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
   Year: 2006
   Developer: Funcom   
   Publisher: Empire Interactive   Aspyr Media   
   Platform: Windows   Xbox   Xbox 360   
   Genre: Adventure   
The story of Dreamfall is presented as a narration of Zoƫ Castillo, a 20-year-old resident of Casablanca in 2219, who lies in coma and recounts the events that led thereto. Her narration concerns Project Alchera, an international conspiracy by the Japan-based toy manufacturer WATIcorp, that aims to introduce a potentially-destructive lucid dream technology ("dreamer console") to the market. One byproduct of their research is Faith, a girl used for testing the hallucinogenic drug Morpheus, who upon dying thereof transferred her consciousness to the DreamNet mainframe computer Eingana. As a result, she appears on the Wire, causing white noise disrupting the infrastructure of Stark.
Found 1 entry
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