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   Title: 100 Sci-Fi Gangs
   Year: 2020
   Developer: Neal Litherland   
   Publisher: Azukail Games   
   Platform: Tabletop   
   Genre: TTRPG   
The cities rise to the sky, their spires of concrete, glass and steel alight with the promise of all the future may hold. But no matter how advanced technology gets, people will never change. As long as there is something deemed off-limits there are going to be those willing to buy it, sell it, trade it and do it. And as long as there are credits to be made, there are going to be gangs willing to do what it takes to put that money in their pockets. Whether you're in a gritty cyberpunk cityscape, or an interstellar setting where distance is measured in light years instead of miles, these gangs will give you a little something to spice up your game with. From the backstreet racers of Octane 6, to high-tech low lifes of the Iron Brotherhood, there's something in here for every game set in the sci-fi future!
Found 1 entry
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