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   Title: DRAMAtical Murder re:code
   Year: 2014
   Developer: Nitro CHiRAL   
   Publisher: Nitro CHiRAL   
   Platform: PS Vita   
   Genre: Adventure   
DRAMAtical Murder re:code is a remake of the original PC visual novel that further popularized boys' love. The player character is Aoba Seragaki, a young adult who lives in the Old Residential District of the fictional island of Midorijima and spends his days working at a junk shop. Aoba's peaceful life is interrupted when he is unwillingly dragged into the world of Rhyme, a popular yet dangerous street game made up of virtual battles. Throughout the story, Aoba uncovers the mystery of the exclusive nearby resort, Platinum Jail, while navigating treacherous streets and pursuing a relationship with one of the men who ally themselves with him. Some changes have been made to appeal to a wider audience; scenes containing large amounts of nudity and blood are either replaced altogether or redrawn with censorship. The game's primary new feature is an original route for Mizuki, friend to Aoba and owner of a local tattoo studio, that explains plot holes and unanswered questions from the original game, with both a bad and a good end. Other features include trophies, new music, and at least 20 new scenes drawn by the original game's artist.
Found 1 entry
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