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   Title: Machine Angel Nanako Chan
   Year: TBA
   Developer: SSJKamui   
   Publisher: N/A
   Platform: Windows   
   Genre: Action   Indie   
A 3D Action game inspired by magical girl series, cyberpunk stories and Run and Gun games. The game is about a female, genetically enhanced special agent of a megacorporation. Her Name is Nanako. To help her with her mission, the corporation equipped her with a robotic exoskeleton suit which also grants her short time flight abilities. Her tasks involve sneaking into buildings of rival corporations, stealing hard drives containing corporate secrets and escape without getting killed by the enemy guards and robot drones. The player plays Nanako during the missions. In addition to the spying missions, there are also missions where players control a giant mech and have to use the mech to fight.
Found 1 entry
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