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   Title: Circuit's Edge
   Year: 1990
   Developer: Westwood Associates   
   Publisher: Infocom   
   Platform: PC DOS   
   Genre: RPG   
The player assumes the role of Marîd Audran, a private detective. The game is set in "The Budayeen", an entertainment / criminal quarter in an unnamed city somewhere in the Middle East that is based on New Orleans.[1] While running a series of errands/"business deals" for "Saied the Half-Hajj", a friend of Marîd's, Marîd is framed for the murder of a man named Kenji Carter. Although Marîd's influential patron Friedlander Bey clears him with the local police, Bey asks him to look into Carter's death. Doing so leads Marîd deep into the criminal underworld of the Budayeen.
Found 1 entry
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