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   Title: Cyber-Lip
   Year: 1990
   Developer: Eikichi Kawasaki   
   Publisher: SNK Corporation   
   Platform: Arcade   Neo-Geo   
   Genre: Run And Gun   
Cyber-Lip is a horizontally scrolling, side-view platformer shoot 'em up (this combination is sometimes referred to as "run and gun") arcade game released by SNK Corporation in 1990 for the SNK Neo-Geo MVS. Players control Rick and/or Brook, two human veteran soldiers, who are sent by an unspecified "federal government" into combat on a last-ditch attempt to save Earth from a malfunctioning military supercomputer in charge of all military androids.
   Title: RoboCop Versus The Terminator
   Year: 1991
   Developer: Virgin Games   MMS Software   Interplay   Realtime Associates   
   Publisher: Virgin Games   
   Platform: Sega Genesis   Sega Game Gear   Sega Master System   NES   SNES   Game Boy   
   Genre: Action   Run And Gun   
Set a few years after RoboCop's invention, the story involves SAC-NORAD contracting Cyberdyne Systems on building Skynet. Cyberdyne used RoboCop's technology in creating Skynet. When activated, Skynet becomes self-aware and launches a war against mankind. In the future, Skynet sends several Terminators back to the past to cripple the Resistance. After destroying one of the Terminators, RoboCop proceeds to Delta City, where he confronts RoboCain.
Found 2 entries
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