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   Title: Conglomerate 451
   Year: 2020
   Developer: RuneHeads   
   Publisher: 1C Entertainment   
   Platform: Windows   Mac   Linux   
   Genre: Indie   RPG   
Conglomerate 451 is a grid-based, dungeon crawling first-person RPG with roguelike elements set in a cyberpunk world. You are the CEO of a Special Agency, instructed by the Senate of Conglomerate city to restore the order in sector 451, where corrupted corporations have established their turfs. Thanks to the last constitutional decree, you are allowed to create human clones. Build your own team, manipulate DNA, train your agents, equip them with high-end weapons, choose what cyberlimbs to implant, and send the squad to the field with only one goal: eradicate crime and restore order at any cost.
   Title: Ion Fury: Aftershock
   Year: 2022
   Developer: Voidpoint   
   Publisher: 3D Realms   1C Entertainment   
   Platform: Windows   Linux   PS4   Xbox One   Nintendo Switch   
   Genre: Shooter   
Ion Fury, the old-school first-person shooter, keeps the bullets and cybernetic body parts flying with Aftershock, a new expansion. Like classic expansions, “Aftershock” offers a brand new Arrange mode. Whether playing for the first time or revisiting Ion Fury, choose Arrange mode to experience the original game but now enhanced with new enemies, weapons and more.
   Title: Re-Legion
   Year: 2019
   Developer: Ice Code Games   
   Publisher: 1C Entertainment   
   Platform: Windows   
   Genre: Indie   Strategy   
In a stagnating technocratic society of a seemingly perfect futuristic world, a cult is born. A strong leader emerges from the crowds and steps in to rid the world of the misery that clenches the society. He brings answers – food for people’s minds – and comfort for their souls. All those seeking higher meaning within the world are accepted. They find their place within a community that fills the void they’ve recently had to cover with drugs and alcohol.
Found 3 entries
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