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   Title: Kabuki Quantum Fighter
   Year: 1990
   Developer: Human Entertainment   
   Publisher: Pack-In Video   HAL America Inc   
   Platform: NES   
   Genre: Action   
In the year 2056, a virus has appeared in the main defense computer of the planet Earth. The origin and nature of the virus is unknown. Scott O'Connor volunteers to undergo an experimental transfer technology that converts his brain into raw binary code. He takes on the image of a Kabuki dancer, since the computer recognizes his great-grandfather as one. The virus in the virtual world takes on properties of an actual virus-it leaves behind debris, mutant creatures, and parasite environments of a biological nature. At the final level, it is revealed that the virus is of alien origin, having been picked up by a lost Hyperion probe launched to a neighboring planet. O'Connor stops it before the virus can order the Hyperion to fire its laser weapons and destroy the human population.
Found 1 entry
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