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   Title: Anachronox
   Year: 2001
   Developer: Ion Storm   
   Publisher: Infogrames   Eidos   Square Enix   
   Platform: Windows   
   Genre: RPG   
The game takes place on Anachronox, a small planet floating inside a huge artificial sphere known as Sender One.
   Title: Slave Zero
   Year: 1999
   Developer: Accolade   
   Publisher: Infogrames   Night Dive Studios   
   Platform: Windows   Dreamcast   
   Genre: Shooter   
   Plot: N/A
   Title: The Terminator: Dawn Of Fate
   Year: 2002
   Developer: Paradigm Entertainment   
   Publisher: Infogrames   
   Platform: PS2   Xbox   
   Genre: Shooter   
This prequel to The Terminator film lets you play as three characters--each with specialized skills and abilities. Your ultimate goal is to travel back in time to 1984, with the hope of preventing a relentless Terminator model T-800 from murdering Sarah Connor--mother of resistance leader John Connor. Armies of cyborgs stand in your way, but you'll have plenty of new weapons and melee moves to clear the path.
Found 3 entries
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