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   Title: Blacklight: Retribution
   Year: 2012
   Developer: Hardsuit Labs   
   Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment   IAHGames   
   Platform: Windows   PS4   
   Genre: Shooter   
Blacklight: Retribution takes place in a cyberpunk setting and possesses a number of game types and maps. The game currently has no single player other than training and practice mode, pitting players against AI or "bot" enemies. The game types are: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination (a ticket type of game), King of the Hill (objective capture) and Kill Confirmed (Similar to Team Deathmatch, but players must collect tokens from their dead opponents for the kill to count for the team. They can also be picked up for extra Combat Points. Friendly players may pick up the token of a dead teammate to deny their enemies the kill point and to gain extra Combat Points.). Siege Mode, where one team advances a Scorpion Tank through checkpoints into enemy territory, was added in August 2012. In March 2013, Onslaught mode was added, in which players collect tokens to gain XP and GP.
Found 1 entry
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