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   Title: BLEEDING EDGE: High-Tech Low-Life Role-Play
   Year: 2015
   Developer: N/A
   Publisher: Sanguine Productions   
   Platform: Tabletop   
   Genre: TTRPG   
The next generation in role-playing games, BLEEDING EDGE will help you create a character with the limitless potential of next-gen technology, yet weighted down with the legacy of greed, lies, and hate. Explore a future world of supercomputers and subcultures, of multinational corporations and micro-economies, of big ideas and little heroes. Enhance your character with experimental gene-therapy, bionic limbs, and cybernetic senses. BLEEDING EDGE's object-oriented rules keep the pace fast and the options open, where every roll of the dice leads to something new, where you and your friends can work together to turn a tragic failure into a miraculous success.
Found 1 entry
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