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   Artist: Android Lust
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   Ambient   
Begun in 1995, Android Lust is the musical project of Shikhee, a fiercely independent woman born in Bangladesh, schooled in England and the USA, and now living near New York City. Shikhee is involved in all aspects of her musical production, a rarity in Industrial music where most women seem to be limited to singing swoopily over other peoples' music. The result is some of the most compelling and challenging Industrial music these days.
   Artist: Angelspit
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   Electropunk   Cybergoth   
Angelspit is an electronic music band originally from Sydney, Australia and currently based in the United States. The band was formed in 2004 by vocalists/synthesists Destroyx (Amelia Tan) and ZooG (Karl Learmont). The band's music combines unique and stylistic elements of horror, punk and electronic music as well as pop and their work contains imagery revolving around medical experiments and grotesque societies.
   Artist: Combichrist
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   EBM   
Combichrist was originally a side-project by Andy LaPlegua of the popular futurepop band Icon Of Coil. However, since the disbandment of Icon Of Coil, Combichrist has become Andy's main focus. Combichrist has had much more success than many of the other acts emerging from the electronic underground and the band has become one of the dark electro scene's most popular live acts.
   Artist: Euphorbia
   Genre: EBM   Dark Electro   Electro-Industrial   
Euphorbia is a Brazilian music group formed in 2005 and originally from Porto Alegre, Brazil. The band is one of the Dark electro pioneers in Brazil. Their music is in the electro-industrial genre. Their name originates from the Einstürzende Neubauten song Blume.
   Artist: Front Line Assembly
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   EBM   Industrial Metal   
Front Line Assembly (FLA) is a Canadian electro-industrial band formed by Bill Leeb in 1986 after leaving Skinny Puppy. Influenced by early electronic and (post-)industrial acts such as Cabaret Voltaire, Portion Control, D.A.F., Test Dept, SPK, and Severed Heads, FLA has developed its own unique sound while combining elements of electronic body music (EBM). The band's membership has rotated through several members over the years, including Rhys Fulber and Michael Balch who are both associated with several other successful artists.
   Artist: Grendel
   Genre: EBM   Dark Electro   Electro-Industrial   Hardcore Techno   
Grendel is a Dutch music group formed in 1997. Their music is in the electro-industrial genre. Their name originates from the beast in Beowulf. Not to be confused with the Finnish power metal band or Australian heavy metal band of the same name.
   Artist: Haujobb
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   Ambient   Techno   
Haujobb is a German electronic musical project whose output has ranged drastically within the electronic music spectrum, from electro-industrial to ambient and techno. They have become a staple crossover act, bringing several forms of electro into the mainstream industrial music world.
   Artist: Headscan
   Genre: Trance   Electro-Industrial   
The Canadian Montreal-based duo Headscan fuses futuristic dancefloor music with dark cinematographic soundscapes, meshing these elements into a smooth, hypnotic sound. The group combines the best elements of trance and electro-industrial resulting in a sound that is fresh and exciting, while holding true to its predecessors in electronic music.
   Artist: Psyborg Corp
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   EBM   EDM   
Cosmic frost awakens! The Colombian band Psyborg Corp strikes back with their second album “The Frozen Shrines of Obsÿdÿana”; a ruthless wintry machine of 11 tracks full of icy melodies, rumbling avalanche bass lines and colossal freezing beats! This new album is a conceptual piece of work created by the band telling the sci-fi story of “Obsÿdÿana”: a crystal planetary system with a hi-tech society threatened by a cosmic phenomenon in the midst of war, facing annihilation. Signed to the German label BlackRain/Noitekk (2010), and Orion Records (Chile, 2014), winners of the Orion Records “Best Latinamerican Band 2011”, with four nominations for the Subterranica Awards (2014); signed by the Russian label Insane Records (2015) and boosting the momentum of two releases, Psyborg Corp keeps aiming high after gaining global media and public acclaim through the last years in quest for crystal armored glory!
   Artist: Skinny Puppy
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   Synthpop   Electronica   Industrial Rock   
Skinny Puppy is a Canadian industrial music group, formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1982. The group is widely considered to be one of the founders of the electro-industrial genre. The band's logo consists of the stylized, superimposed letters SP and is a common fan tattoo.
   Artist: Victor Love
   Genre: Electro-Industrial   Industrial Rock   
   Profile: N/A
Found 11 entries
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