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   Artist: Deus Ex Machina
   Genre: Death Metal   Trash Metal   Progressive Metal   
Deus Ex Machina is a Singaporean death metal/thrash metal band, and is one of the few extreme metal acts from Southeast Asia that has gained a following in Europe and the United States. They represent a rarity in the Southeast Asian Metal scenes in favouring a more melodic musical approach and concept-based poetic lyrics in contrast to the more aggressive and brutal stylings of the region. They are also a highly internationalized band, with a background of having band members from different parts of the world.
   Artist: Icycore
   Genre: Progressive Metal   
   Profile: N/A
   Artist: The Algorithm
   Genre: Electronica   EBM   Progressive Metal   
The Algorithm is the musical project of French musician RĂ©mi Gallego (born October 7, 1989) from Perpignan. His style is characterised by an unusual combination of electronic dance music with progressive metal. Gallego chose the name The Algorithm to highlight the music's complex and electronic nature.
Found 3 entries
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