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   Title: Automata
   Category: Feature Film   
   Year: 2014
   Country: Spain   Bulgaria   
   Playtime: 109 minutes
   Starring: Antonio Banderas   Birgitte Hjort Sørensen   Dylan McDermott   
   Director: Gabe Ibáñez   
An insurance agent of ROC robotics corporation routinely investigates the case of a robot apparently modifying itself, in direct violation of its cognitive rules. What he discovers will have profound consequences for the future of humanity.
   Title: Eliminators
   Category: Feature Film   
   Year: 1986
   Country: USA   Spain   
   Playtime: 96 minutes
   Starring: Andrew Prine   Denise Crosby   Patrick Reynolds   
   Director: Peter Manoogian   
A former pilot rebels against his creator, teaming up with the scientist responsible for android technology, her pet robot Spot, a rough-and-tumble riverboat guide, and a martial arts warrior.
   Title: Eva
   Category: Feature Film   
   Year: 2011
   Country: Spain   France   
   Playtime: 94 minutes
   Starring: Daniel Brühl   Marta Etura   Alberto Ammann   
   Director: Kike Maíllo   
Set in 2041, Alex Garel is a well-known robot programmer who after 10 years returns to his home town to work in his old university when his friend Julia brings him a project to create a new line of robot child. There Alex meets his brother David, Lana (Alex's former lover and David's current wife), and Eva, Alex's 10-years-old niece. Looking for inspiration, Alex asks Eva to be the muse of the new robot, watching her attitude and behavior during the time they spend together, making emotional tests to configure its personality. The relationship with his niece gives Alex doubts about finishing the project and awakens old feelings for Lana. At the same time he starts suspecting that perhaps the lovely and imaginative Eva is hiding an important secret about Lana and herself.
   Title: ROSA
   Category: Short Anime   
   Year: 2011
   Country: Spain   
   Playtime: 8 minutes
   Starring: N/A
   Director: Jesus Orellana   
In the near future, humanity has disappeared, leaving behind a large megalopolis devoid of natural life. From the destruction awakes ROSA, a robot part of the KERNEL project, mankind's last attempt to restore the earth's ecosystem using recovered samples of long-extinct plant species. Wandering among the ruins of the lifeless city, Rosa will soon discover that she is not the only part of Kernel that has awakened.
   Title: Terminator: Dark Fate
   Category: Feature Film   
   Year: 2019
   Country: USA   Spain   Hungary   China   
   Playtime: 128 minutes
   Starring: Linda Hamilton   Arnold Schwarzenegger   Mackenzie Davis   
   Director: Tim Miller   
An augmented human and Sarah Connor must stop an advanced liquid Terminator, from hunting down a young girl, whose fate is critical to the human race.
Found 5 entries
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