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   Title: Cyrano 2022
   Category: Anime Series   
   Year: 2001
   Country: France   
   Playtime: 22 minutes
   Starring: N/A
   Director: Jean Chalopin   
In 2040, in a futuristic world where cities are polluted, technological advances have made it possible, among other things, to reduce the rate of crime and to eliminate conflicts. Cyrano is fighting against the despotism of Trichelieu, the Prime Minister who wants to dominate the United World, and take the place of the current president, Professor Sarto, using his oratorical skills, his ability to handle his sword and his trick. Cyrano is helped by several comrades, Chris, Bret, Roxanne and Francky the Monkey, who defend with him the population of the shallows in a futuristic city led by Valvert and the Minister of Police, Guiche.
Found 1 entry
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