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   Title: Dimension W
   Category: Anime Series   
   Year: 2016
   Country: USA   Japan   
   Playtime: N/A
   Starring: Yûichi Nakamura   Daisuke Ono   Reina Ueda   
   Director: Kanta Kamei   
In the year 2072, the world's energy problems seem solved by a network of cross-dimensional electric-field inductors called "coils" that extract energy from a seemingly infinite source. That source is the W dimension, a fourth plane that exists beyond the X, Y, and Z dimensions. In this world, unofficial "illegal" coils harness powers that the police can't hope to counter. Dealing with these coils is the job of coil-hating repo man Kyoma, whose run-in with the unique coil android Mira leads the two to form a reluctant partnership.
Found 1 entry
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