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   Title: Dirty Pair: Affair On Nolandia
   Category: Anime Film   
   Year: 1985
   Country: N/A
   Playtime: 54 minutes
   Starring: N/A
   Director: Masaharu Okuwaki   
Having been called in to investigate a case involving a girl named Missinie, Kei and Yuri are on the trail of a new case involving a young girl named Missinie, but upon their arrival to the planet Ookbar they find their contact murdered. AJ Development wants to put a stop to the investigation and orders them off of the planet - however, they are pointed in the direction of the forest of Nolandia. Crash landing at their destination, the dynamic duo discovers illusions and strange creatures that shouldn’t exist. Now, Kei and Yuri must track down Missinie and get to the bottom of the mystery.
Found 1 entry
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