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   Title: Megazone 23 - Part 2
   Category: Anime Film   
   Year: 1986
   Country: Japan   
   Playtime: 82 minutes
   Starring: Robert Anderson   Christine M. Auten   Chris Ayres   
   Director: IchirĂ´ Itano   Noboru Ishiguro   
Shogo has been living underground for several months, hiding from the military and police in the abandoned cities and corridors below Tokyo's surface. The police have been informed that Shogo is the person who murdered Tomomi in episode I (presumably by either the brass, B.D. or one of the other military powers). Shogo has teamed up with the motorcycle gang "Trash". He reunites with Yui (now drawn with brown hair instead of green like in episode I). Although Yui and Shogo are obviously still in love, Yui asks Shogo why he never returned to the loft (at the end of episode I). Shogo has apparently been out of contact with her for a while. As for Eve, she is still releasing music videos but they are all 'pro-war', encouraging young men to join the military. The real Eve however has survived the military's attempt at deactivating her and is now running as an independent program, constantly sending out messages through different media devices (television, radio, etc.) to try and make contact with 7G Operator, namely Shogo. Shogo however, having lost the Garland, can not answer her call. The motorcycle gang have made making contact with Eve their prime mission.
Found 1 entry
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