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   Title: EXIT PLAN
   Category: Short Film   
   Year: N/A
   Country: N/A
   Playtime: 21 minutes
   Starring: A.J. Reves   Adam Leader   Richard Oakes   Rachel Oakes   Gillan Williams   
   Director: N/A
A short, character driven, sci-fi film about an exile called Adam. After machines became the sole workforce for the industry, The lower classes were deemed surplus to requirements and banished from the utopian cities and left to starve. The story focuses on Adam, a man trapped in the slums of this dark future. As the rebels plot against the elite known as The Order, Adam is left stuck in the middle accompanied by his only companion, a robotic helper called iO. After discovering that the Earth will soon be destroyed by a cosmic natural disaster, Adam has to find a way off the planet.
Found 1 entry
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