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   Title: Deus Ex Human Revolution: Director's Cut
   Category: Short CGI   
   Year: 2010
   Country: Canada   
   Playtime: N/A
   Starring: Kody Sabourin   Stephen Shellen   Kim Bubbs   
   Director: Kody Sabourin   Kazuyuki Ikumori   
The year is 2027. It is a time of great innovation and technological advancement. It is also a time of chaos and conspiracy. Corporations have more power than the government. Everyone is fighting for power, for control. Adam Jensen wakes up, after a brutal attack at Sarif Industries, where his lover goes missing. He finds himself with cybernetic limbs, and enhancements in his body, that he never asked for. His life turned upside down, is a reflection of the state of the world, as secret societies rule the world from behind the scenes. Adam now enhanced, with an understanding of the shadow figures who pull the strings, he sets out to reveal the truth behind what is happening in our world.
Found 1 entry
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