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   Title: Hikikomori: Tokyo Plastic
   Category: Feature Film   
   Year: 2004
   Country: Japan   
   Playtime: 75 minutes
   Starring: Rex Hayashi   Tsutomu Ishizuka   Kayoko Kawahara   
   Director: Adario Strange   
A young Japanese hacker from Tokyo named Naomi moves to New York, but then has to return for an experimental eye operation. She becomes friends with an attractive office lady called Izumi, and together they take Tokyo by storm. This does not last long and she finds herself resorting to old ways and starts illegally hacking. She is quickly swept up into a world she knows nothing of, a world of fear and crime, as one determined Hikikomori targets her, forcing her along a dangerous path, which puts herself, her family and her new best friend at grave risk.
Found 1 entry
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