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   Title: Auxiliary: London 2039
   Year: 2020
   Category: Novel   
   Author: Jon Richter   
   Publisher: TCK Publishing   
London is quiet in 2039—thanks to the machines. People stay indoors, communicating through high-tech glasses and gorging on simulated reality while 3D printers and scuttling robots cater to their every whim. Mammoth corporations wage war for dominance in a world where human augmentation blurs the line between flesh and steel.
   Title: Neo Cyberpunk Volume 2: The Anthology
   Year: 2022
   Category: Short Story   
   Author: C.T. Phipps   Anna Mocikat   James L. Graetz   Marlin Seigman   Nik Whittaker   A.W. Wang   Jon Richter   Matt Adcock   S.C. Jensen   Luke Hancock   Patrick Tillett   Benjamin Fisher-Merritt   Andrew Dobell   D.T. Wilby   Tobias F. Cabral   
   Publisher: Amazon   
A drug that turns people into killers, a Techno-Viking going berserk, crazy scientists playing God, and an assassin bot tired of its job.
Found 2 entries
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