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   Title: ARC City Stories
   Year: 2019
   Category: Novel   
   Author: J L Aarne   Davene Le Grange   Patrick Tillett   
   Publisher: Independently Published   
A city that exists in a world beyond governments, where war and climate change have destroyed the old order. Corporations are now the authorities of the surviving city states. The elite live in luxury above the clouds in their towers, everyone else lives further down, based on their corporate and economic worth.
   Title: Neo Cyberpunk Volume 2: The Anthology
   Year: 2022
   Category: Short Story   
   Author: C.T. Phipps   Anna Mocikat   James L. Graetz   Marlin Seigman   Nik Whittaker   A.W. Wang   Jon Richter   Matt Adcock   S.C. Jensen   Luke Hancock   Patrick Tillett   Benjamin Fisher-Merritt   Andrew Dobell   D.T. Wilby   Tobias F. Cabral   
   Publisher: Amazon   
A drug that turns people into killers, a Techno-Viking going berserk, crazy scientists playing God, and an assassin bot tired of its job.
Found 2 entries
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