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Cyberpunk Games

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   Title: Hacker
   Year: 1985
   Developer: Activision   
   Publisher: Activision   
   Platform: Amiga   Amstrad   Atari   Apple II   Commodore 64   PC DOS   Mac   MSX   Spectrum   
   Genre: Puzzle   Strategy   
The player must attempt to hack into the Magma Ltd. computer system at the beginning of the game by guessing the logon password. Access can be gained if the player knows the password, which really only ever becomes apparent to the player after gaining access, through another means of entry, to the later stage of the game.
   Title: Neuromancer
   Year: 1988
   Developer: Interplay Productions   
   Publisher: Mediagenic   
   Platform: Amiga   Apple II   Commodore 64   PC DOS   
   Genre: Adventure   
The game is loosely based on the events of the novel Neuromancer by William Gibson. Locations, characters, items and nuances of cyberspace from the novel appear. Taking place in the year 2058 in Chiba City, Japan, the plot centered around the protagonist attempting to discover the truth behind the mysterious disappearances of his friends as well as other, less friendly cyberspace cowboys. Unfortunately, the player's character has fallen on hard times and has had to pawn his cyberspace deck. He awakes in a plate of Ratz' famous spaghetti, and the first order of business is to find some way to retrieve his old deck from the nearby pawnshop.
   Title: Suspended: A Cryogenic Nightmare
   Year: 1982
   Developer: Infocom   
   Publisher: Infocom   
   Platform: Amiga   Amstrad CPC   Amstrad PCW   Apple II   Atari 8-bit   Atari ST   Commodore 16   Plus/4   Commodore 64   PC DOS   Mac   PC Booter   Tatung Einstein   TI-99/4A   TRS-80   
   Genre: Adventure   
On a space settlement named Contra, a human being serves as a regulator for the planet's vital systems: he controls transportation, weather, and manages resources all while being in a deep sleep, through the neural power of his brain. Such a regulator is called Central Mentality. However, after five hundred years of stasis, the current Central Mentality suddenly awakens, greatly troubled by reports of computer malfunctioning and resulting problems in weather condition, food production, and transport. He must now act, and act quickly: the crew members assumed that he has gone insane, and are coming to disconnect his mind. But what can he do if his state of suspended animation prevents him from moving?
Found 3 entries
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