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   Title: Call Of Duty: Black Ops III
   Year: 2015
   Developer: Treyarch Corporation   
   Publisher: Activision Publishing   
   Platform: Windows   PS3   PS4   Xbox One   Xbox 360   
   Genre: Action   
The game is set in the same universe as Black Ops II and references some past events indirectly. For instance, the focus in the story is back on group troops following the aftermath of the drone strikes by Menendez in the second game. Set in the far future, soldiers are now equipped with DNI, the Direct Neural Interface. It allows them to communicate directly with computers and machines, and it can also be used to read the thoughts and memories of people. The player controls a male or female character and needs the DNI after a failed infiltration and hostage rescue mission from the NCR in Egypt. Your partner, Jacob Hendricks, undergoes the enhancements as well.
   Title: Cyborg Hunter
   Year: 1988
   Developer: Sega Enterprises   Ltd.   
   Publisher: Activision   Sega Enterprises Ltd.   Tec Toy   
   Platform: Sega Master System   
   Genre: Hack And Slash   Beat Em Up   Shooter   
The Year: 2242. You're the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy. You've amassed a fortune by defeating the most vicious creatures known to man. And now, deep inside the enemy Cyborg Fortress, you can almost taste your next paycheck. But there's a little work to be done before you cash in. Like blasting swarms of deadly Cyborgs with your powerful psycho gun. And a battle-to-the-death showdown with Vipron, the vile Cyborg leader. Prepare yourself for one explosive payday!
   Title: Hacker
   Year: 1985
   Developer: Activision   
   Publisher: Activision   
   Platform: Amiga   Amstrad   Atari   Apple II   Commodore 64   PC DOS   Mac   MSX   Spectrum   
   Genre: Puzzle   Strategy   
The player must attempt to hack into the Magma Ltd. computer system at the beginning of the game by guessing the logon password. Access can be gained if the player knows the password, which really only ever becomes apparent to the player after gaining access, through another means of entry, to the later stage of the game.
   Title: Judge Dredd
   Year: 1998
   Developer: Gremlin Interactive   
   Publisher: Activision   Acclaim   
   Platform: Arcade   PS1   
   Genre: Arcade   Pinball   Shooter   
Arcade rail-shooter game that used a Light Gun. Dredd must save the mayor, who is being held hostage by a former judge. Live-action cutscenes were played at the conclusion to each stage. Completing the game unlocked the final cutscene where Dredd resolves the crisis.
   Title: X-Kaliber 2097
   Year: 1994
   Developer: Fupac   Winds   
   Publisher: Toshiba EMI   Activision   Sony Imagesoft   
   Platform: SNES   Super Famicom   
   Genre: Action   Platform   
The game takes place in the near-anarchic future of the year 2097, in which the world's economy has been devastated, governments have collapsed, and organized crime has gained dramatic influence. In X-Kaliber 2097, the player guides a swordsman named Slash through a side-scrolling environment. Boss encounters take place as one-on-one matches in the style of versus fighting games.
Found 5 entries
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