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   Title: I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream
   Year: 1995
   Developer: The Dreamers Guild   
   Publisher: Cyberdreams Inc   Acclaim Entertainment   
   Platform: PC DOS   Mac   
   Genre: Adventure   Point And Click   
The game's story is set in a world where an evil computer named AM has destroyed all of humanity except for five people, whom he has been keeping alive and torturing for the past 109 years.
   Title: Judge Dredd
   Year: 1995
   Developer: Probe Software   
   Publisher: Majesco Entertainment   Throwback Entertainment   Acclaim Entertainment   
   Platform: PC DOS   Sega Genesis   Game Boy   SNES   Sega Game Gear   
   Genre: Adventure   Platform   Shooter   
Judge Dredd is an action video game for the Super NES, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Game Gear and Game Boy originally released in 1995. The game is loosely based on the 1995 film Judge Dredd, which was a spin off from the Judge Dredd strip from 2000AD.
   Title: Judge Dredd
   Year: 1998
   Developer: Gremlin Interactive   
   Publisher: Activision   Acclaim   
   Platform: Arcade   PS1   
   Genre: Arcade   Pinball   Shooter   
Arcade rail-shooter game that used a Light Gun. Dredd must save the mayor, who is being held hostage by a former judge. Live-action cutscenes were played at the conclusion to each stage. Completing the game unlocked the final cutscene where Dredd resolves the crisis.
   Title: Phantom 2040
   Year: 1995
   Developer: Sunsoft   Illusions Gaming   
   Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment   
   Platform: SNES   Sega Genesis   
   Genre: Adventure   
In the year 2040, environmental disasters and the economic Resource Wars of the early twenty-first century have had catastrophic effects upon the Earth's ecological balance. Ever-increasing polarisation of wealth, along with the development of humanoid, robotic "biots" (Biological Optical Transputer Systems), have resulted in a social demographic that leaves the majority of the world's population scavenging in the undercity slums while a wealthy minority live luxurious lives in towering skyscrapers. The Earth's population continues to rise, but without the resources to support them or the jobs to sustain them, they are cast onto the streets of the over-urbanised mega-cities.
   Title: Rise 2: Resurrection
   Year: 1996
   Developer: Mirage   
   Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment   
   Platform: Windows   PS1   Sega Saturn   
   Genre: Fighting   
The cyborg Coton from the previous game defeated his opponents and faced the Supervisor, who used her morphing ability to defeat him and assimilate him into her own consciousness. Coton's thought patterns were cloned and used to bolster the artificial intelligence of the Supervisor, who also used fragments of his conscious in selected robots to imbue them with the ability to improve upon their own design. Electrocorp scientists, fearing that Coton had been defeated and that the Supervisor would now target the city, prepared a counter-virus based on EGO from the information Coton had earlier sent them. The Anarchy Virus was released to the main building of Electrocorp, and it infected most of the robots previously under Supervisor's control - the robots waged war against each other, disconnecting from the neuronet, quickly depleting the numbers of the Supervisor's army. Coton used the distraction caused by the malfunctioning robots to upload his consciousness to another robot, and prepared to either escape the Electrocorp building, or to attempt another attack on the Supervisor. At this point the story ends, and it is left open-ended -and dependent on the players ability- whether Coton is successful in either attempt.
   Title: Rise Of The Robots
   Year: 1994
   Developer: Mirage   Data Design Interactive   Time Warner Interactive   
   Publisher: Time Warner Interactive   Acclaim Entertainment   Absolute Entertainment   
   Platform: 3DO   Sega Genesis   SNES   Amiga   Arcade   CD-i   PC DOS   Sega Game Gear   
   Genre: Fighting   
The game is divided into a single player mode and a two player versus mode. In single player mode the player controls the ECO32-2 Cyborg as he confronts the Supervisor’s minions across the vast facilities of Electrocorp. The order in which each droid is fought is fixed, with each next adversary more difficult than the last. The sixth and final level is a confrontation with the Supervisor droid itself. Each character is introduced by a short pre-rendered 3D sequence, followed by an analysis of potential weaknesses.
   Title: RoboCop 3
   Year: 1992
   Developer: Digital Image Design   Probe   Eden Entertainment Software   Ocean   
   Publisher: Ocean   Acclaim Entertainment   
   Platform: ZX Spectrum   Commodore 64   Commodore Amiga   Atari ST   NES   SNES   Sega Mega Drive   Sega Master System   Sega Game Gear      
   Genre: Shooter   Platform   
RoboCop 3 is a 1992 video game published by Ocean. It is based on the movie of the same name. The NES edition of RoboCop 3 is a traditional single-player, side-scrolling game with a storyline and background that loosely follows the film. A unique, memorable feature is the fact that each of RoboCop's body parts has a separate damage rating. Heavily damaged parts can result in "malfunctions," such as erratic firing (if the arm holding the weapon is damaged) or difficulty walking (if legs are damaged). The player has the opportunity to repair RoboCop's parts between levels. Within PAL-A regions, it was only released in Italy.
Found 7 entries
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