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   Title: Cold Shell
   Year: 2023
   Developer: Brutal Muse   
   Publisher: Brutal Muse   
   Platform: Windows   
   Genre: Arcade   Indie   RPG   
Your country lost a big war a few years ago and was occupied. The army and police are disbanded, firearms are withdrawn and banned. Spy drones fly over the streets, collecting information about all the inhabitants. Corporations are tearing the city apart with their skirmishes, and street thugs are creating chaos at night. And now the army of invaders has besieged the city and is not letting anyone through.
   Title: Cyberpunk Runner
   Year: 2021
   Developer: Dwarf Earth   
   Publisher: Dwarf Earth   
   Platform: Android   iOS   
   Genre: Arcade   Indie   Platform   
Run, Jump & Dodge through the Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk Themed city as Cyber Robots block your path & attempt to assassinate you. Use your navigation skills to dash as far as you can, shoot Cyber Robots & blast Hover cars flying in your way to make new records.
   Title: Distance
   Year: 2014
   Developer: Refract Studios   
   Publisher: Refract Studios   
   Platform: Windows   Linux   Mac   
   Genre: Racing   Arcade   
Distance is an atmospheric racing platformer. Fusing futuristic arcade racing with parkour, survive a deadly, mysterious, neon-drenched city by jumping, rotating, and flying.
   Title: Judge Dredd
   Year: 1998
   Developer: Gremlin Interactive   
   Publisher: Activision   Acclaim   
   Platform: Arcade   PS1   
   Genre: Arcade   Pinball   Shooter   
Arcade rail-shooter game that used a Light Gun. Dredd must save the mayor, who is being held hostage by a former judge. Live-action cutscenes were played at the conclusion to each stage. Completing the game unlocked the final cutscene where Dredd resolves the crisis.
   Title: Metrocide
   Year: 2014
   Developer: Flat Earth Games   
   Publisher: Flat Earth Games   Surprise Attack   
   Platform: Windows   Mac   
   Genre: Shooter   Arcade   
Metrocide is a relentless top-down single-player arcade stealth-shooter set in a cyberpunk dystopia where everyone wants you dead.
   Title: Raid 2020
   Year: 1989
   Developer: Color Dreams   
   Publisher: Color Dreams   HES Interactive   
   Platform: NES   
   Genre: Arcade   Hack And Slash   Beat Em Up   
The year is 2020 A.D. The evil drug kingpin Pitbull and his army of robots and brainwashed servants have crippled the law enforcement agencies of the world. You must seek out and destroy his communication and computer centers thus putting an end to his evil network of shipping and distribution. As you confront Pitbull's dealers and robotic "Cyborg" servants you will seize their drugs and money. The money will enable you to purchase the tools needed to overcome the obstacles in your path. Don't let the beauty of the streets fool you, for you are about to enter a world of laser beams, exploding mines and secret entrances. Engage your enemies as you traverse through the Pier, the Streets of Technopolis, and the Warehouse searching for clues. You will encounter more danger as you pilot a boat across the Swamp and travel through Space to an eventual confrontation with Pitbull himself in the Computer Center!
   Title: RoboCop
   Year: 1988
   Developer: Data East   
   Publisher: Data East   
   Platform: Amiga   Amstrad CPC   Arcade   Atari ST/STE   Commodore C64/128   MSX   NES   PC DOS   
   Genre: Shooter   Arcade   Platform   
In the game, a player controls RoboCop who advances through various stages that are taken from the 1987 movie. The bonus screen is a target shooting range that uses a first-person perspective. The intermission features digitized voices from the actors. RoboCop was licenced by UK-based Ocean Software at the script stage, so (fairly uniquely for the time) the 1988 run & gun and beat 'em up hybrid arcade game devel...
Found 7 entries
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