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   Title: Electrocop
   Year: 1989
   Developer: Epyx   
   Publisher: Atari   
   Platform: Atari Lynx   
   Genre: Shooter   
Electrocop is a third-person shooter game in which players starts off with a countdown clock of one hour to complete the task of rescuing the president's daughter. You have to make your way through different levels coming up against different foes. These foes are robots that go by, Walker, Python, Mine, Wall Cannon, Virus and Stringray. To get between each level you have to hack through different doors through a computer interface. While in this interface there are directories of Information where you can learn more about the robots, Programs that disable robots and help hack through codes. Games where you can pass the time by playing games of Meteors, Letter Puzzle and Out Break. Along with Med-pack which heals you and weapon repair to help repair your damaged weapons. There are also different weapons to choose from to help you out during the course of the game.
   Title: Interphase
   Year: 1989
   Developer: The Assembly Line   
   Publisher: Image Works   
   Platform: Atari   Amiga   PC DOS   
   Genre: Shooter   Puzzle   
In a dystopian cyberpunk future, The Dreamtrack Corporation has cornered the entertainment market, selling DreamTracks, dreamed or imagined adventures and experiences which can be enjoyed by consumers. The player is Chad, a DreamTrack Dreamer who has discovered that Dreamtrack Corporation is using the DreamTracks to destroy people's minds. He decides to break into Dreamtrack HQ. To overcome the high-tech security systems, his girlfriend, Kaf-E, agrees to break into the building physically, while Chad enters a virtual reality world, inspired by Neuromancer, in order to hack into and disable the computer-controlled defences.
   Title: Mean Streets
   Year: 1989
   Developer: Access Software   The Code Monkeys   
   Publisher: Access Software   US Gold   
   Platform: Amiga   Atari ST   Commodore 64   PC DOS   
   Genre: Adventure   
The player plays the role of Tex Murphy, a down-and-out private investigator living in post-apocalyptic San Francisco. Tex is hired by a beautiful young woman named Sylvia Linsky to investigate the death of her father, Dr. Carl Linsky, a professor at the University of San Francisco. Prior to his death, Carl would not talk to his daughter about the secret project he was working on, and days later, he was seen falling off the Golden Gate Bridge. Sylvia suspects murder, but the police say it was routine suicide. To help get him started, Tex is given $10,000 and a few leads. The player is referred to the game's manual for a list of their leads.
   Title: Raid 2020
   Year: 1989
   Developer: Color Dreams   
   Publisher: Color Dreams   HES Interactive   
   Platform: NES   
   Genre: Arcade   Hack And Slash   Beat Em Up   
The year is 2020 A.D. The evil drug kingpin Pitbull and his army of robots and brainwashed servants have crippled the law enforcement agencies of the world. You must seek out and destroy his communication and computer centers thus putting an end to his evil network of shipping and distribution. As you confront Pitbull's dealers and robotic "Cyborg" servants you will seize their drugs and money. The money will enable you to purchase the tools needed to overcome the obstacles in your path. Don't let the beauty of the streets fool you, for you are about to enter a world of laser beams, exploding mines and secret entrances. Engage your enemies as you traverse through the Pier, the Streets of Technopolis, and the Warehouse searching for clues. You will encounter more danger as you pilot a boat across the Swamp and travel through Space to an eventual confrontation with Pitbull himself in the Computer Center!
   Title: Shadowrun
   Year: 1989
   Developer: Various   
   Publisher: FASA   Fantasy Productions   Catalyst Game Labs   
   Platform: Tabletop   
   Genre: TTRPG   
Shadowrun is a science fantasy tabletop role-playing game set in a near-future fictional universe in which cybernetics, magic and fantasy creatures co-exist. It combines genres of cyberpunk, urban fantasy and crime, with occasional elements of conspiracy, horror and detective fiction. From its inception in 1989, Shadowrun has remained among the most popular role-playing games. It has spawned a vast franchise that includes a series of novels, a collectible card game, two miniature-based tabletop wargames, and multiple video games.
   Title: Strider
   Year: 1989
   Developer: Capcom   
   Publisher: Capcom   US Gold   
   Platform: Arcade   Amiga   Amstrad   Atari   Commodore   NES   PC DOS   PS1   
   Genre: Platform   
Strider is set in a dystopian future in the year 2048, where a mysterious dictator known as the "Grandmaster" rules over the world. Hiryu, the youngest ever Super A Ranked member of an organization of high-tech ninja agents known as the "Striders", is alone tasked with the Grandmaster's assassination. Hiryu begins his mission by infiltrating the Grandmaster's capital at the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. The game features multilingual voice clips during cutscenes (presented in English, Japanese, Mandarin and Russian).
Found 6 entries
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