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   Title: Electrocop
   Year: 1989
   Developer: Epyx   
   Publisher: Atari   
   Platform: Atari Lynx   
   Genre: Shooter   
Electrocop is a third-person shooter game in which players starts off with a countdown clock of one hour to complete the task of rescuing the president's daughter. You have to make your way through different levels coming up against different foes. These foes are robots that go by, Walker, Python, Mine, Wall Cannon, Virus and Stringray. To get between each level you have to hack through different doors through a computer interface. While in this interface there are directories of Information where you can learn more about the robots, Programs that disable robots and help hack through codes. Games where you can pass the time by playing games of Meteors, Letter Puzzle and Out Break. Along with Med-pack which heals you and weapon repair to help repair your damaged weapons. There are also different weapons to choose from to help you out during the course of the game.
Found 1 entry
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