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   Title: Cyber Knights: Flashpoint
   Year: 2023
   Developer: Trese Brothers Games   
   Publisher: Trese Brothers Games   
   Platform: Windows   Linux   Android   iOS   
   Genre: Indie   RPG   Tactical   TBS   
Cyber Knights is a tactical RPG in an original cyberpunk setting ten years in the making. Build your team of hackers, mercs and malcontents wisely; their stories will become interwoven with your own. Use powerful cyberware, shady connections, stealth, hacking and more to rise in the neon-soaked future.
   Title: Cyberpunk Runner
   Year: 2021
   Developer: Dwarf Earth   
   Publisher: Dwarf Earth   
   Platform: Android   iOS   
   Genre: Arcade   Indie   Platform   
Run, Jump & Dodge through the Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk Themed city as Cyber Robots block your path & attempt to assassinate you. Use your navigation skills to dash as far as you can, shoot Cyber Robots & blast Hover cars flying in your way to make new records.
   Title: Cybertracer
   Year: 2020
   Developer: Zoopa Big   
   Publisher: Google   
   Platform: Android   
   Genre: Action   
The enhanced human huntress never stops chasing rogue androids in the cyber city.
   Title: Deus Ex: The Fall
   Year: 2013
   Developer: Eidos   
   Publisher: Square Enix   
   Platform: Windows   Android   iOS   
   Genre: Shooter   RPG   
This is a port of the original DEUS EX: THE FALL experience, first released on iOS and Android in 2013 – action, stealth, hacking, and social gameplay. A prequel story to Deus Ex: Human Revolution that builds on the DEUS EX universe. Fight for survival in a global conspiracy.
   Title: Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar Redux Layer 1: Essence
   Year: 2021
   Developer: Michael Kumpmann   
   Publisher: Michael Kumpmann   
   Platform: Windows   Mac   Android   Xbox   
   Genre: Indie   
Future humanity is in conflict with a mysterious, incomprehensible alien species which is defined as terrorists by the government. A group of mathematicians developed an algorithm which can predict the behavior of the attackers. A young lonely girl should become a new member of the institute but when she arrives at Kyoto Novalis, the aliens attack and she gets lost in the city. Hilal, her new guardian, a female cyborg, searches her in the city, but they don't have much time, because the government ordered a nuclear attack on the city if the aliens can't be stopped in time.
   Title: Frozen Synapse Prime
   Year: 2014
   Developer: Double Eleven   
   Publisher: Double Eleven   
   Platform: Windows   PS3   PS Vita   Android   iOS   
   Genre: Tactical   TBS   
Take on the role of Tactics in a brand new Frozen Synapse experience. Lead a rebel faction to overthrow a powerful corporation controlling the city of Markov Geist. Control an elite strike team of futuristic soldiers.
   Title: GLtron
   Year: N/A
   Platform: Windows   Mac   Linux   MorphOS   Symbian   Android   
   Genre: Racing   
The aim of the game is to be the last player riding. Cycles can be boosted with a limited turbo. There are various gameplay styles, including switching the gameplay from "booster" to "wall accel." to "both". "Booster" has an extra button for boosting, in addition to the standard left, right, glance left, glance right buttons, while "Wall ride" increases a player's light cycle's speed automatically depending on how close they are to an opponent's wall. "Both" incorporates both options for increasing the player's light cycle's speed.
   Title: Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade
   Year: 2013
   Developer: Russia Lostwood Games   
   Publisher: Russia Lostwood Games   
   Platform: Windows   Mac   Android   iOS   
   Genre: Adventure   
The setting of Leviathan takes place in a dark fantasy world mixed with cyberpunk and alien technologies. The country is ravaged by a disease called Decade, which is caused by the Plague King. The "Decade" afflicts the land at irregular intervals, and lasts for 10 years. Oliver Vertran, the protagonist and main character, was a young boy when the Decade began. When his mother is murdered, he becomes the adopted son of her murderer. Oliver and his friends Kael and Darina, with the help of a Vargoille called Edna, seek to punish a guardian for killing his mother.
   Title: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
   Year: 2013
   Developer: PlatinumGames   
   Publisher: Konami   
   Platform: Windows   Mac   Xbox 360   Android   
   Genre: Action   
While providing security detail in an unnamed African country for its prime minister, N'Mani, Maverick operative Raiden and his team are attacked by Desperado, a rogue PMC involved in terrorism. While Raiden fends off Desperado forces, their leader "Sundowner" manages to kidnap and execute N'Mani. Sundowner's comrade, Samuel "Jetstream Sam" Rodriguez, fights and defeats Raiden, severely damaging his cyborg body. Raiden survives, and Doktor later gives him a new black cyborg armor that grants him much more power.
   Title: République
   Year: 2013
   Developer: Camouflaj   Logan Games   
   Publisher: GungHo Online Entertainment   
   Platform: Windows   Mac   PS4   Android   iOS   
   Genre: Action   Adventure   Stealth   
Players communicate with the main character, Hope, through their phone or computer, in order to help her escape. The player controls surveillance cameras in the fictional totalitarian state of République in order to monitor Hope's actions, as well as hack into various electronic devices. The interface that the player must use is the "OMNI View" software, which allows them to lock and unlock doors, distract patrolling enemies, and obtain information. In some situations, the player must upgrade their OMNI View to higher versions, enabling them to access areas and nodes with stronger security. In the OS X and Windows versions, players will be able to access multiple cameras at once.
   Title: Shadowrun Returns
   Year: 2013
   Developer: Harebrained Schemes   
   Publisher: Harebrained Schemes   
   Platform: Windows   Mac   Android   iOS   
   Genre: Indie   RPG   TBS   
The year is 2054. Magic has returned to the world, awakening powerful creatures of myth and legend. Technology merges with flesh and consciousness. Elves, trolls, orks and dwarves walk among us, while ruthless corporations bleed the world dry. You are a shadowrunner – a mercenary living on the fringes of society, in the shadows of massive corporate arcologies, surviving day-by-day on skill and instinct alone. When the powerful or the desperate need a job done, you get it done… by any means necessary.
   Title: Uplink
   Year: 2001
   Developer: Introversion Software   
   Publisher: Introversion Software   Ambrosia Software   
   Platform: Windows   Mac   Linux   SteamOS   Android   iOS   
   Genre: Hacking Simulation   
You play an Uplink Agent who makes a living by performing jobs for major corporations. Your tasks involve hacking into rival computer systems, stealing research data, sabotaging other companies, laundering money, erasing evidence, or framing innocent people.
   Title: Whispers Of A Machine
   Year: 2019
   Developer: Clifftop Games   Faravid Interactive   
   Publisher: Raw Fury AB   
   Platform: Android   iOS   Mac   Windows   
   Genre: Adventure   
Whispers of a Machine is a Sci-Fi Nordic Noir that tells the story of Vera, a cybernetically augmented special agent tasked with investigating a string of murders. These brutal killings obscure a sinister truth, as Vera soon finds ties to a group of fanatics committed to creating an AI superintelligence — a pursuit outlawed for nearly a century.
Found 13 entries
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