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   Title: Invisible, Inc
   Year: 2015
   Developer: Klei Entertainment   
   Publisher: Klei Entertainment   
   Platform: Windows   Mac   Linux   PS4   
   Genre: TBS   Stealth   
The game is set in year 2074, after megacorporations have overthrown the world's national governments and taken control. Invisible Inc. is a private intelligence agency providing services to corporations, performing infiltrations using field agents and a sophisticated AI system known as Incognita.
   Title: République
   Year: 2013
   Developer: Camouflaj   Logan Games   
   Publisher: GungHo Online Entertainment   
   Platform: Windows   Mac   PS4   Android   iOS   
   Genre: Action   Adventure   Stealth   
Players communicate with the main character, Hope, through their phone or computer, in order to help her escape. The player controls surveillance cameras in the fictional totalitarian state of République in order to monitor Hope's actions, as well as hack into various electronic devices. The interface that the player must use is the "OMNI View" software, which allows them to lock and unlock doors, distract patrolling enemies, and obtain information. In some situations, the player must upgrade their OMNI View to higher versions, enabling them to access areas and nodes with stronger security. In the OS X and Windows versions, players will be able to access multiple cameras at once.
   Title: Stolen
   Year: 2005
   Developer: Blue 52   
   Publisher: Hip Games   
   Platform: Windows   PS2   Xbox   
   Genre: Stealth   
The player assumes the role of Anya Romanov, an acrobatic, high-tech professional thief living in the futuristic dark metropolis Forge City. Her initial mission is to infiltrate a high-security museum and steal items therein. Later on, Anya is framed for murder she did not commit. Eventually, she finds out about a sinister conspiracy involving a ruthless corrupt politician Richard Killian and her own deadly female ninja rival known only as Breeze.
Found 3 entries
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