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   Title: System Rush
   Year: 2005
   Developer: Ideaworks Game Studio   
   Publisher: Nokia   
   Platform: Nokia N-gage   
   Genre: Racing   
In a world controlled by corporations, information is everything. Knowing that your competitors' secrets is the only way to get an edge in the cutthroat arena of corporate dominance. In this information age, warfare is carried out by "black hat" (morally corrupt) hackers who have become electronic gladiators for their boardroom puppet masters. You are a "white hat" hacker on the verge of being framed for a high-profile global cyber-crime. Your sophisticated program, designed to cleanse any network of malicious hacker activity, has been stolen by black hat hackers on the payroll of Globenet. A network of unscrupulous corporations. This evil alliance intends to use your code as a "logic bomb" to bring down rival corporations.
Found 1 entry
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