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   Title: Cholo
   Year: 1986
   Developer: Solid Image Ltd   
   Publisher: Firebird   
   Platform: Amstrad CPC   BBC Micro   Commodore 64   ZX Spectrum   
   Genre: Shooter   Simulation   
Cholo's gameplay is similar to that of Paradroid, but with wireframe graphics. The story is set out in a novella which was included in the game's packaging. Following a nuclear war, humanity is trapped underground by a robot defence system that rules the irradiated surface. Your character assumes control of a robot drone, transmitting to a terminal below ground, and is given the task of freeing the trapped humans. The robot - "Rizzo the rat", a diagnostic model - is equipped with a single laser, computer/robot link capabilities and very limited armour. The player's first task is to explore the city and take over stronger robots in order to complete the mission. Gameplay consists of movement around a virtual 3D world, taking over other robots by shooting them until 'paralysed', running into them and entering a password to gain access. Each robot has different properties. "Aviata" is an aircraft who can fly, and transport other robots; "Igor" is a hacker who can access computer systems. The player can only control one robot at a time. All robots have four slots for 'rampacks' which are essentially files, either text files or programs which add extra functionality to your robot. The gameplay often involves swapping between robots in order to complete a certain task.
Found 1 entry
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