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   Title: ArcRunner
   Year: 2023
   Developer: Trickjump Games Ltd   
   Publisher: PQube   
   Platform: Windows   PS4   PS5   Xbox One   Xbox Series S   Xbox Series X   
   Genre: Hack And Slash   Beat Em Up   Indie   Shooter   
ArcRunner is a beautiful Cyberpunk-styled action rogue-lite set in the far future on board a huge space station where the controlling AI has gone insane, and its up to you to traverse the Arc to find and destroy it.
   Title: Blue Heaven
   Year: N/A
   Developer: Brainworm Games   
   Publisher: Brainworm Games   
   Platform: Windows   
   Genre: Action   RPG   Hack And Slash   
Blue Heaven is an adults-only action-RPG mixed with Hack & Slash that tells a bloody story from the perspective of an asocial and nihilist mercenary who works enforcing the law in a decadent futuristic cyberpunk universe where good and evil are almost indistinguishable and dirty sex, deadly drugs and decomposing corpses are easy to find in the dark alleys of every metropolis. Soon he will have to leave his world behind and explore unknown lands to save by force of sword the last bit of humanity he has left, finding himself involved in a conflict of unforeseeable magnitudes.
   Title: Cyborg Hunter
   Year: 1988
   Developer: Sega Enterprises   Ltd.   
   Publisher: Activision   Sega Enterprises Ltd.   Tec Toy   
   Platform: Sega Master System   
   Genre: Hack And Slash   Beat Em Up   Shooter   
The Year: 2242. You're the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy. You've amassed a fortune by defeating the most vicious creatures known to man. And now, deep inside the enemy Cyborg Fortress, you can almost taste your next paycheck. But there's a little work to be done before you cash in. Like blasting swarms of deadly Cyborgs with your powerful psycho gun. And a battle-to-the-death showdown with Vipron, the vile Cyborg leader. Prepare yourself for one explosive payday!
   Title: Ghostrunner II
   Year: 2023
   Developer: One More Level   
   Publisher: 505 Games   
   Platform: Windows   PS5   Xbox Series X   Xbox Series S   
   Genre: Adventure   Hack and Slash   Beat Em Up   Shooter   Strategy   
Ghostrunner II is a hardcore FPP slasher set in a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk world. Featuring everything fans loved about Ghostrunner plus incredible boss fights, new interactive story, thrilling motorbike levels, improved skills, and more cyber ninja action.
   Title: Neuron
   Year: 2023
   Developer: Nearly A Studio   
   Publisher: Nearly A Studio   
   Platform: Windows   
   Genre: Action   Adventure   Indie   Hack And Slash   
Get ready to experience a combat and story-driven cyberpunk game that features pixel art and a dystopian world. With the ability to block your enemy's attacks with the same stance and slash your way out, you will be fully immersed in an epic journey. Explore and uncover the secrets of this unique world while utilizing techniques learned from ancient times. Get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience!
   Title: NieR: Automata
   Year: 2017
   Developer: PlatinumGames   
   Publisher: Square Enix   
   Platform: Windows   PS4   Xbox One   Nintendo Switch   
   Genre: Hack And Slash   Beat Em Up   RPG   
NieR: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S and A2 and their battle to reclaim the machine-driven dystopia overrun by powerful machines.
   Title: Raid 2020
   Year: 1989
   Developer: Color Dreams   
   Publisher: Color Dreams   HES Interactive   
   Platform: NES   
   Genre: Arcade   Hack And Slash   Beat Em Up   
The year is 2020 A.D. The evil drug kingpin Pitbull and his army of robots and brainwashed servants have crippled the law enforcement agencies of the world. You must seek out and destroy his communication and computer centers thus putting an end to his evil network of shipping and distribution. As you confront Pitbull's dealers and robotic "Cyborg" servants you will seize their drugs and money. The money will enable you to purchase the tools needed to overcome the obstacles in your path. Don't let the beauty of the streets fool you, for you are about to enter a world of laser beams, exploding mines and secret entrances. Engage your enemies as you traverse through the Pier, the Streets of Technopolis, and the Warehouse searching for clues. You will encounter more danger as you pilot a boat across the Swamp and travel through Space to an eventual confrontation with Pitbull himself in the Computer Center!
   Title: Syndication Cyberpunk
   Year: 2021
   Developer: 528 Games   
   Publisher: 528 Games   
   Platform: Windows   
   Genre: Action   Adventure   Hack And Slash   Beat Em Up   Shooter   
Reclaim your empire as a Sci-fi cyberpunk syndicate.
   Title: Unsighted
   Year: 2021
   Developer: Studio Pixel Punk   
   Publisher: Humble Games   
   Platform: PS4   Xbox One   Windows   Nintendo Switch   
   Genre: Adventure   Hack and Slash   Beat Em Up   Indie   Platform   RPG   Shooter   
After a long war with the humans, the few androids that remain in Arcadia are running out of Anima, the energy that gives all robots consciousness. It's up to you, Alma, to find a way to recover your memories and save your friends from becoming UNSIGHTED. Explore the vast ruins of Arcadia, using every tool you can find. Time is ticking. They need you, Alma.
   Title: Wanted: Dead
   Year: 2023
   Developer: Soleil   
   Publisher: 110 Industries   
   Platform: Windows   Xbox One   Xbox Series S   Xbox Series X   PS4   PS5   
   Genre: Adventure   Hack And Slash   Beat Em Up   Shooter   
Wanted: Dead promises "spectacular melee combat and exciting gunplay," and is set in a "dark and dangerous version of science-fiction Hong Kong where you will need sharpened skills to survive."
Found 10 entries
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